First four parts of the Beginner RPL Tutorial up


The first four parts of the RPL Programming Tutorial is up at my blog: The tutorial covers the HP 50g and 49g+ calculators for beginner programmers who want to real what RPL is all about. Part 1 covers the structure of the program, Part 2 covers local variables, Part 3 covers the IF-THEN-ELSE-END structure, and Part 4 covers the FOR-NEXT structure.


Is there a pdf-file available?


Not yet - however I am thinking about putting a PDF file together once I finish the series.


In the "Common Keyboard Commands for Hewlett Packard RPL Calculators (HP 48S/48G/50g)" section:

The 'swap' function does not require a shift key prefix on the 48/49/50. Simply keying the right arrow performs the swap operation.



But left shift/SWAP does have a use: it swaps the contents of L1 and the command line, and leaves those contents in L1 and L2, respectively.

It's the same as ENTER SWAP under those circumstances, so it's not a necessary thing, but that's not the only instance of that in the 48.

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