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I don't know if this has been mentioned, but I happened across a possible solution for restoring worn-off silver trim near the on/off switch of the Classics. Previously, I had used silver model paint, but it did not have the correct reflectivity compared to the original chrome.

At the local Michael's, I happened across a silver leafing kit. Essentially, there is a glue pen and sheets of silver leaf. One applies the glue, waits for it to dry partially, then presses on the silver leaf. Excess leaf is wiped away with a brush.

Here's a link to the product. Mods, delete if inappropriate to post a link to Amazon.

Has anyone else tried this? How durable is it?



Sounds promising! How about very carefully brushing on some clear fingernail polish over it?


My only concern is if it would affect the reflectivity of the silver leaf (which is almost spot-on to the original chrome in my test case).

I was thinking a thin brushed-on coat of cyanoacrylate, but that tends to become translucent as it dries.


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