Memory lane: A 1976-1977 catalog with calculators from Olympic Sales Company


The PDF in the dropbox link below is the result of a gift from TomC at the recent HHC.

Wonderful snapshot of calculators from this time period.

Olympic Sales Company

Enjoy and Thanks Tom!

P.S. The reason I wanted this for so long was that I remember having this catalog back in 1976 in the 8th grade and distinctly remember seeing the commodore page showing the 4 pre-programmed scientifics. Playing around with functions like permutations, linear regression, etc. long before I knew what they were certainly exposed me to the joy of learning, which I believe influenced many later interests.

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Fascinating! Interesting that the 65 was nearly twice the price of the 67 and selling at the same time. I figured they would have immediately dropped the price of the 65.


No Problem. Hope all interested will enjoy!




I collect calculators outside of the HP ones and have several of the ones in this catalog in my collection. To me this was the golden age of calculators.



You should go for the Rockwell 22MS!!!

(Page 24, lower left, read the first line and SMILE).




Yes indeed! I've got one of these in my collection of sexist calculators. The others are:

TI - Lady 1200

Royal - Countess

Adler - Lady

Adler - Sir (the only "man's" calculator I know of)

and my favorite:

Qualitron - La Femme



I have Siemens "SIR" engineering calc, probably the world smallest scientific calc with VFD, and one called Olympia SIR, which is almost the same. I think they are clones of Adler.


Tahnks, I'll have to keep my eye out for that!

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...I lived near downtown LA in the 70's (Manhattan Beach)and visited Olympic Sales many times over the years. The store was a bit less impressive than its catalog, but there were enough things on display that the trip was never a waste...!


I like seeing that 70's graphic design on the cover.......brings back memories.


HP users have their 95c. TI collectors, the 88. For National Semiconductor aficionados it's the 7100.

Or maybe it's: TI attempted the 88, National tried the 7100, HP built and sold three million 41s.


thanks for sharing, Gene.

I have never seen a wholesale catalog before, interesting to see that the markup is 15-20%.

HP is described as the Best and Most Sophisticated Electronic Calculators. hope Meg takes note of this ;-)


Gene, is it possible to store somewhere full version, including other manufacturers' calcs?


That PDF includes all the pages for the calculators in the catalog.

The other pages are for food processors, typewriters, etc. which for fairly obvious reasons :-) I have not scanned (yet).

No other calculators in this catalog - I scanned all the relevant pages.


Gene, the site (dropbox) says you've exceeded your bandwidth, so would it be possible for you to upload it somewhere else? I missed getting it till now. Thanks.


Gene and TomC,

If it's okay with you two I'd like to put this on my site of calculator manuals and other stuff. I've already got an Educalc and two Elek-tek catalogs there so it fits in well.



Sure, had no idea there was a bandwidth issue on dropbox. It does not provide any stats for what is coming down, so I have no idea.



I've added it here crediting you and pointing your your site.



Katie, please feel FREE to put that PDF in a non-transient location - wont' offend me at all!

Dropbox is used because of its convenience.

I have another catalog - 1976 Markline (?) that I will be scanning soon. Same type of material.


1976 Markline (?)

I'd love to put that up too if I can.


Thanks, Katie!


No prob.


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