wp34s decals?


I'm interested in trying water slide decals instead of the normal stickers for the wp34s. Has anyone tried this? Is anyone knowledgeable on the subject of decals? I haven't used them since my last pinewood derby car back in cub scouts...

Just tossing around an idea,


I think they'd be much (much) less durable than the thick vinyl adhesive decals.


I'd definitely clear coat it. Not owning the 20b or 30b yet, is it easy/possible to take off the front plate and keys? If not this may be impossible (well, extremely difficult).



Depending on model you have to open a number of heat stakes (more on the 30b then on the 20b).


I've got everything necessary to make them but I haven't had the chance to try it out yet. The problem is contrast on the silver background (obviously it won't work so well on the keys, since you can't print white ink). Also it seems like a lot of work to install.


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