update 12C ?


There is an update to HP-12C?


?? I don't think so, unless you're referring to the "new" ARM architecture (aka 12c+) as an update (it certainly is faster ;-) )



Do you mean an updated rom for the 12c+? (12c+ being the unofficial name of the current 12c architecture with two 2032 batteries and the ARM processor.) If so, the answer is maybe. As I understand things (as discussed here, for example), the latest rom for the 12C+ is dated 2009-11-19 (as shown by menu no. 2 of the ON+g+ENTER self tests.) It was developed in a give and take primarily between Katie Wasserman and Cyrille de Brébisson soon after the 12c+ appeared.



How does this new rom?
How do I get it?
The procedure for installing it is equal to WP34S?


How do I get it?

I would suggest you contact Tim Wessman through the HP Museum Forum contact mechanism.

The procedure for installing it is equal to WP34S?

Yes, identical procedure.



You should go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/wp34s/files/FlashTool/ and download the most recent Version of MySamBa. It is much faster then SAM-BA.exe. It works for all images, not only for WP 34S.



What is the compatibility of the new MySambaMarcus with Windows XP/Vista/7 etc.? How about serial to USB converter issues? Seems like these were major issues with SAM-BA, does MySambaMarcus ameliorate them?


In effect MySamBaMarcus == MySamBaCyrille with very minor modifcations. I cannot comment on compatibility with different brands of adapters of different versions of Windows but I assume that is has less issues then SAM-BA.exe. I'm hoping for feedback.


Can you remind me of the advantage(s) of MySambaM over MySambaC? In a previous post you mention that it is faster than Sam-Ba, are there other changes? Perhaps it can load a less than 128 kB bin file into a 20b/30b?

I have a PC running Windows Vista with no serial port, and have purchased an FTDI USB to serial converter which claims to have drivers for Vista. I'll give MySambaM a try and see how it works.


Cyrille's version does not work with flash images that are shorter then 128KB.


It also appears to correctly identify COM ports on Win7. Previously none would show up. :-)

This means you can now use this program on any version of windows (just tested it) and I can trash my XP VM that was wasting quite a bit of space on my SSD. :-)



If Cyrille's version did not do this correctly than it's a matter of the compiler (Delphi 2005) and the library (I use Indy 7). My changes to the code are minor, only dealing with the length of the file.

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