HP-71B Card Reader 82400A


I have the reader and the box. Does anyone have pictures or scans of the remaining items (QREF, manual, packing)?

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Are you sure you have a "B" revision?

For the packaging: The unit is centered in the cardboard box,
and the are two papers only,

one of them being a short note that instructions will be found in the user manual,

a leaflet about accessories, and a tube containing a few mag cards and a cleaning card...

For scans: Have you checked the hpmuseum DVD?

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You're right A...

checked DVD. Didn't find anything. found a 3 page scan on hpmuseum dot net

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How do I know the version?


I don't understand


Unfortunately the version is on the box only. It should be embossed on the housing of the unit.

Since the card reader doesn't respond to VER$ , there is no better resolution;-)

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The 71B card reader doesn't have a ROM. It doesn't have a version. The "A" at the end of "82400A" is part of the model number, not a version per se.

For example, the 41C card reader was always model 82104A, even though there were versions 1D, 1E, 1F, and 1G of its ROM.

When a product with a model number ending in A was replaced by a model number ending in B, generally that signified more significant changes to the product than just a ROM code change. For example, the 82240A/B printers and the 9114A/B disk drives had significant physical differences.

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The 71B Card Reader has neither specific manual nor QREF.

The Card Reader Use is documented in a specific section of the Hp-71B user manual...right at the end IIRC.



so why is the box so long & wide? I presume the length to store the cards (are these the same as the 75C cards?) but it still seems wider that it needs to be.

I'm just looking to identify what I need to cobble together through copying or making to complete the item


Yes, the cards are the same as the 75C cards.

I have never seen a card reader box so I cannot help on this one.

The 71B Box is long and wide to store side by side:

- The 71B itself in a cardboard frame,

- The 2 hefty manuals

- The QRG

- The soft case

- The blank overlay

- The accessories leaflet


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