HP-15C LE Serial # vs. LE #


I ordered two HP-15C LEs a week apart. One from Samson Cables and one from HP directly. I noticed that one of the has Serial Number: CNA1310KS7 with a Limited Edition Number of 02048. The other one has a Serial Number of CNA13207TG and an LE Number of 01xxx - I don't have that one at home right now.

My understanding of the Serial Number scheme is the first three letters indicate the country of manufacture the next digit is the year and the next two are the week of the year. That means:

CNA1310KS7 = 31st week of 2011 (LE # 02048)

CNA13207TG = 32nd week of 2011 (LE # 01xxx)

This seems to indicate the LE numbers aren't being "issued" sequentially and/or they made/make the aluminum back plate separate from the the calculator and by the time the two meet... it's semi-random which unit gets which LE #.

Just wondering if anyone else who purchased multiple units noticed something similar.


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I can only add my own unit to the list:

CNA13208GF (week 32/2011) LE# 00052.


CNA13208YW LE01957 looks pretty random, assuming they are using all letter combinations my serial number would be 485 away from Marcus's, however there is a difference of 1905 in the LE number.


CNA13207TG = 32nd week of 2011 (LE # 01xxx)

Mine is CNA13207TH (!) = 32nd week of 2011 (LE # 00726).

I think it is most likely that the batch of aluminium back plates was either mixed or split up along different production lines.


Wow! Looks like we may have consecutive models!


I've looked at about 20 pairs of numbers and couldn't deduce a method to the LE# numbering madness.


Thinking of the production logistics, I suspect that the LE number would be printed at the same time as the rest of the backplate, well in advance of its fitting to the calculator, and probably at a different location (assuming aluminium trim production may be subcontracted to a metal manufacturer). In that case a batch of backplates would be available at the calculator production line and would be applied in random order as they were taken from the box.
An interesting point if this is correct, is that all the LE numbers reported here have been in the range 0 - 3000, suggesting that is the total size of the first production batch (rather than the ones supplied so far being the first 3000 of a larger production run).

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