wanted: high-resolution photo of 50g internals


Is there already such a thing anywhere? I couldn't find it here or through Google image search.


I could probably provide you some. I have an HP50G disassembled. What sort of pictures did you need?


I think Eric is looking at potential housings for his DIY Calculator...


Just looking for a high-resolution photo or scan of the circuit board.



I just found my tools to re-open my broken HP50G (bought it for $5.00 on TAS). If you're hoping for some clues on how the traces are connected, you may be pretty disappointed. It's a multilayer PCB with very few traces visible from the front and back sides. The only exception is the LCD daughter board -- well, at least the portion not covered by the glass...

Anyway, I can take some photos tomorrow during daylight. My camera does a pretty poor job inside with the typical yellow lightbulbs


I'm not concerned about traces that aren't exposed.




My camera does a pretty poor job inside with the typical yellow lightbulbs

Can you set the "white balance"? That makes a big difference.


Yes, but indoor incandescent lighting is just weak compared to natural lighting. Although I can set the white balance, the picture is grainy from indoor lights (unless you have lots of lights and flood the room).

Anyway, if you're looking for the photos, I posted a link in a later thread since this one was getting buried:

Link to the thread

Link to the photos


Your "grainy" is probably from using a high ISO (sensitivity). Use the lowest ISO your camera has (looks like 80 or 100 for your A2200; DON'T set "auto"), and just make a longer exposure (there's no reciprocity failure for digital sensors!). You may need a tripod, too, though. Also, use the self-timer to avoid motion/shake when you press the shutter button.


When I take photos of my gear I use a big flash with a diffuser. The reflector is aimed against the ceiling. This results in enough light and does not cause any flares or reflections.

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