Photo of Voyager and HP 35s


Does anyone have a side by side shot of the HP 35s and HP 15/12c/etc? I've actually never seen an HP 12c in person, so im wondering how large or small it is in comparison to the 35s, and to see if it would fit in a pocket.

Thanks in advance!


Significantly smaller, but still a little bit big for a front trouser pocket.


I carried one of my HP-15C units in my front right trouser pocket for years in complete comfort. I never did that with the HP 42S that replaced the 15C, because I didn't want to chance damage to the 42S.


I've carried both the voyagers and pioneers that way since the beginning (1982). But they are just a tad bigger than comfortable for me. Still workable though!


Turned sideways a Voyager is about the same width as a 35s and about 1 1/8" less tall. It's uniformly thick, whereas the 35s gets thicker at the top and is about the same thickness as the 35s near its bottom. It will fit easily in a normal dress shirt pocket without sticking out at the top.




I like the Ohioan engineer's 6" scale :-)


Thanks for all the replies everyone.

That is quite larger than i thought haha. I guess i should have bought larger-pocked pants since my 35s was always awkward to carry in my pocket. Oh well.

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