OT: Have you heard the news?


Jul 8, 2002: eBay to acquire PayPal


Your feelings?




Might know! eBay's becoming the WalMart of the net. I've never liked using eBay's payment methods, and now it seems likely PayPal will be messed up, too.

There's an old Latin saying which may be appropriate here - Ohus wellus (oh well).


ebays gets 3 fees
- listing fees
- %age on sale
- % on payment, incl. shipping costs....

multipmy this by the amount of transactions...

And i'ts not finished : I've got plenty of ideas to improve (understand: increase the final rpices) of the sales of their listings...

They are reaaalllly good....


I have an email today from Ebay saying I can be notified by cell phone about auctions. Catch phrase: "Never be outbid again!"


[b]If you can't beat them, buy them.[/b]


Hi Mike,
I've seen that you recently started some "PayPal only" auctions. Did you change your mind about them?

Maybe this takeover will end up in a better seller and buyer protection. Paying a little more fees would compensate for this...




The last thing ebay needs to buy as this stage to have a complete service is USPS...

To Ebay management, if you do so, maybe you'll think at a reward fee to me for this idea....


Feelings: Rates will go up further for these services, following the recent trend with includes auction prices, payment services, and shipping services. There is room for more lower priced competition in these markets, but the early birds ghave the markets so it's tough to penetrate.

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