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So now that i have a 15C (LE) for learning his programming, the manual refer to an "advanced functions handbook for the 15C" that can be bought at HP.

Well, i search the net for this one but not able to find it on HP site. Where is it?


It's on the CD that comes with the 15C LE. You need to install the emulator first.


You can access it from the PC emulator Help menu.


Wow August 1982! It seems to be a scan...

Well, you seems to look at every options to find it!

For my curiosity, why the activation key number so long?

Thanks for the info.


Actually, the MoHPC CD/DVD has a much nicer color scan of the 15C Advanced Functions Handbook.


Link to MoHPC Museum DVDs and CDs

I'll second this recommendation for the Museum DVD it is a valuable resource for anyone interested in vintage HP calculators.

The DVD also contains a full PDF of the book "An Easy Course In Programming The HP-11C and HP-15C" © 1984, Grapevine Publications, Inc.

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There is a complete rework of the manual in the works but it's not ready for prime time yet. It will have the same contents but will be recreated as a digital document in the same way the Owner's Handbook has been. Once done, a download will be available.

IIRC the work can be attributed to members of this community. Thanks for their efforts.

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