WP34s bugfix


I see a bugfix ("Fix ISG/DSE in integer mode") in SVN 1635 from yesterday but still no integration build ... :-(


These two really aren't very useful in integer mode so there isn't a rush to get a fixed build out. Plus I didn't have access to the build machine when I made the change.

- Pauli


Built now for what its worth.

I'd be interested in seeing a program where integer mode ISG is useful and ISZ isn't.

- Pauli


Built now for what its worth.


And "for what its worth"? Well, a fixed bug is one bug less! ;-)

And a not correctly working loop command is indeed a critical bug IMO.

I'm a programmer myself and I really hate all kinds of bugs, so for me it's a must to fix every bug as soon as I'm aware of it, no matter how serious it is or not.

I'd be interested in seeing a program where integer mode ISG is useful and ISZ isn't.

Well, if this command isn't useful then I'm wondering why you've implemented it at all. ;-)



I implemented it because we had to have it in real mode where it is very useful. I supported it in integer mode also for consistency -- there are several commands where either the integer or real mode version isn't all that useful but supported nonetheless. I'm yet to see an example where these loop commands are better in integer mode than the alternatives. However, since I could reasonably define what they did and it was slightly different to the other available commands so they got supported.

BTW, I did fix the bug as soon as I heard of it, I just didn't kick off a build -- partly because I couldn't at the time and partly because the problem that was addressed didn't seem all that important -- YMMV of course. Anyway, fixed and happy now.

- Pauli

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