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I seem to recall there was a overlay for wp34s without keyboard "caps" (i.e., everything was printed on the overlay) shown sometime ago. Is there a graphics available for that version? I would like to print out something until Eric can restock his overlay for sale again.

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Please look at sourceforge in directory named "artwork".


Or in the ZIP file in the real directory. The "no_keys" file was originally used by me to label my first machines.


Thanks for quick answers, Walter and Marcus!

I have to apologize for not doing enough of my due diligence. The information was right under my uhmm, keyboard once you mentioned it.

Thanks again!


The Overlays appear to be available again::


The download file on http://commerce.hpcalc.org/overlay.php needs an update for the shifted functions of '-'. And since you have a new design (actually two), why don't you show it (them) instead of the old one?


Because I haven't gotten around to it yet. I just spent enough time to silently re-enable the purchasing link to let a trickle of orders in (I'm not yet ready to start selling them in volume).

I'll update the other stuff later, but right now I have more important things to do.



Sorry if I ruined the "silently" part!


I have heard talk of adding matrix functions to the 34S.
I know this isn't done yet, but would adding that functionality change the overlay? Just trying to decide if I want to get an overlay now or wait a bit.


No, it's all in the catalogs.


The overlay has to change when the keyboard changes. It was mentioned in another thread already we have at least one other keyboard modification waiting. And I know one of the trinity isn't quite happy with another assignment. At the bottom line, I'd say: yes, probability for a keyboard change is elevated, but don't hold your breath.

Don't know whether this helps you, however.


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