WP 34S Amtel SAM-BA download broken


I'm getting a vbscript error when I click on the email confirmation link after registering. I'v complained to the webmaster, butI'm impatient. :) Does anyone know of an alternate location where this software can be found?



(Eagerly awaiting my chance to destroy the freebie 20B from HHC. :)


Here is a direct link to the windows .exe file for samba 2.10:


Note: that link is to my public dropbox folder...


Thanks, Gene!



Atmel provides also a SAM-BA patch for Atmel SAM7 series that was last revised on Aug 11th:

SAM7 Patch for SAM-BA® 2.10

(77 KB, revision 1.0, updated 8/11)

This patch fixes SAM7 flash programming issue in SAM-BA® 2.10.

I haven't seen it mentionned recently on the forum, and have not installed SAM-BA yet, so I can not tell how critical this is. I have seen in the archives that some have mentionned difficulties with SAM-BA, I wonder if this patch would improve things.

Can anyone comment?



I'm getting a vbscript error when I click on the email confirmation link after registering. I'v complained to the webmaster,

Yeah, me too. Never heard back.

I did some looking about on the Atmel page and figured out these URLs:

release notes

win exe

linux zip

sam9g15 patch

sam 7 patch

sam9m10 patch

I don't have any details in my notes, so probably I was able to grab them with 'wget' which means the link from here should work.


I tried it again this morning and it worked. Does anyone know what these patches are for and whether or not they impact the WP-34S flashing?


Maybe I'll be able to get Cyrille's MySamba to work with the 34S again. This will be a vast improvement, especially speed wise. I just need a Pascal compiler or I will write my own (command line only) utility based on the MySamba code.

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