15C LE arrivals in Europe?


Ordered from SC via USPS priority, sent 9/13, last sign of live 9/16 as per tracking information. I know it takes time, but I'm getting nervous.

Anyone here in EU got his 15C LE already except by express mail?




I live in Switzerland and ordered by Samson - I received mine last Friday, I think it was shipped by Sep 16 and arrived Sep 22. I used standard shipping (+ $8 for a box) with no tracking.


Copy and paste your USPS tracking code to the DHL tracking site. You will most certainly learn that your parcel has been handed over to German customs in the destination town on Saturday. It might now take another fortnight due to some ingenious plot that all deliveries from overseas have to be shipped to a central customs office in Leipzig... :-(


I learned that DHL doesn't know about the number.

Highly strange is that it's recorded to be a *letter*:

Priority Mail International Parcels

Processed through Sort Facility

September 16, 2011, 1:54 pm


International Letter


I learned that DHL doesn't know about the number.

Strange! Mine is also Priority Mail International - but 'Parcel'. Tracking number starts with CJ and ends in US. From the moment on that it arrived in Frankfurt Airport, DHL tracking showed it in all details.


I was given this number: LN840122429US. Guess it's not needed to keep this secret.


Mine was ordered also from SC via USPS Priority mail, sent 9/13, delivered 9/23 (last Friday) in France.

I paid $24 for the shipment without tracking, but was not offered the possibility to add $8 for a box, so my 15C LE was send in a bubble bag. Fortunately it arrived in good shape...

All in all for $123.99 (no custom fees) and no keyboard issue excepted the f and g keys a bit loose I'm pretty happy with my new 15C LE :-)

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I received mine from Samson in Spain last wednesday (2011-09-21); was shipped on 2011-09-13 (No box, and wasn't warned/given an option about that, but luckily the package was intact)


Ordered two from SC, sent Priority Mail on Sept. 13, received Sept. 21.
I wasn't asked for a box but they came in a card box. No problem withe the calculators. Unfortunately I had to pay 40 euros at the customs.


Hi Thomas

I ordered also one from SC via USPS, sent on 9/14 and still waiting.



My parcel from Samson is waiting for me to pay the customs duty and pick it up at the notorious North West London Parcel Force depot. Who knows when I will have time to get there during their working hours. Probably only on Saturday. Grrr.


My SC parcel was sent on 9/13 and I am still waiting for it. I presume it is in a depot waiting for customs clearance, but I haven't got a card to tell me to pick it up yet.



You won't get the card; they can't be asked. Parcel Force are awful. I worked out that it was in their depot through the US tracking number which Samson gave me.
Now the question is - which depot is your local one? Good luck.


My depot usually sends a card, it's just a question of when they feel like sending the card. I expect I will have to pay 20% VAT + the £8 for "admin costs" of them collecting the VAT and sending it to HMRC.


I sympathise with you Europeans, your governments seem to be collecting tax at every opportunity.

Government of Malaysia does not collect tax on computer products, so my packages from SC arrived in about 7-11 days. they opened one for inspection though, but the contents were intact.

hpnut in Malaysia


SC posted mine on 13 Sept. too. I ordered 1x 15C-LE and 1x 12C AE, using the cheaper USPS Priority, and it hasn't arrived yet. I expect it is in the depot. I was not asked about a box either, so I expect it will be in bubble wrap or similar - hope it will be undamaged.


Ordered from SC on Sep 12, dispatched via USPS Express (with tracking) on Sep 14, arrived in UK Sep 16, approx 1 week taken up by UK customs processing, arrived at local Parcelforce depot Sep 23 and collected today. Sent in cardboard outer box which didn't seem to have suffered any ill effects in transit.


Same here, sent from SC on 9/13 and still no sign of it. But I think 2..3 weeks are usual for USPS shipment to Germany.


I had some hope since I've recently read about deliveries in 4 to 7 days but obviously that doesn't take into account german customs.

Few days to travel thousands of miles, two weeks of waiting for a german officer to wake up.


I live in Munich, Germany. My 15C LE arrived Friday last week at customs, I picked it up this morning. Had to pay the VAT. Samson cables shipped it Sept 13th, so it took 10 days to cross the pond.
Standard USPS shipping, in a bubble envelope. No damage.


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I preordered two from Samson Cables on July 27th. It has just gone through customs and I expect it this week.

Samson shipped them on Sept 13th, but Spanish customs are a pain in the ass lately.


I live in Munich, Germany. My 15C LE arrived Friday last week at customs,

Same here for my two units in Berlin, Germany.
Had to pay VAT to be glad, what I am now for sure.



Here they are, finally! (I ordered two).

I have no problem to pay my taxes, I'm a law abiding citizen, but the delay has been intolerable for an express shipping.


Hi Sven,

was your order with USPS Priority Mail or Express ?



Express. Took just 5 days to reach customs, several days for clearance.


IIRC, it was just USPS Priority Mail from samsoncables.
I paid $ 35 for shipping the two units, that were packaged in a quite solid box.

regards Sven

PS: made my whole office crazy with my new toy and everyone was very excited.


Mine arrived Monday Sept. 26. Standard USPS shipping in a bubble envelope, luckily no damage. Had to pay the VAT (10 euros) in addition to the $123.99 I paid to SC.
I think that whenever this calculator appears in European retail stores, it will be more expensive than what I paid now.


Amazing. They have sent JUST ONE!





So, to summarize:

Placed an order on 26th July for TWO units, USPS express shipping.

The unit price was $94.99. Total for two, $189.98

Shipping: $40

Total: $229.

On Sept. 13th they charged 173.78 euro to my VISA card (229 dollars).

The package that has arrived contains just one, it hasn't been stolen from the box, as it's a small box with the exact size of the box, and the shipping manifesto declares just one calculator with a declared value of $94.99 plus $45.08 in postage and fees.

I declared two calculators to customs, of course, as I didn't have a clue it contained just one, so I have paid a 18% VAT for two, plus import taxes, etc, which totals 60 euro.

As I said, amazing job, Samson. Now let's see how you fix it.


This is surprising. Due to Samson giving a vague response on my first preorder i placed another one. They initially sent two tracking numbers and then right away cancelled one. However the package did arrive with two calculators. In my case they realized two seperate orders going to the same address and combined them.


They have answered (I sent a complaint once I opened the box, obviously) and they will send a replacement.

However, I'm afraid that Spanish customs will want to charge $40 in VAT and import duties again unless I'm willing to waste about 10 hours in paperwork and arguing.


Do you know someone who knows somebody in customs? When i lived in southern Louisiana i never paid a ticket,fine or a deposit without first checking to see if a coworker knew someone who could "take care of it".


That's just the sad state of corruption in Louisiana, a third world country stuck inside the US. The rest of the US, and most of the first world, do not work that way.



I pay my taxes, so that's not an option.

For now I've sent a polite email to customs, and they have told me to present all the documentation when the next package arrives. We will see... And I told Samson Cables to specify that it's a replacement unit on the customs manifest.

We'll see.

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