HP15C LE Keyboard Survey Take 3 (last round)



So far I have gotten responses for 147 calculators. Of those 18 have been reported as having keyboard problems. So at this moment we have a "failure" rate of 12.24%.

For those that have not responded to this survey and would care to do so please let me know how many HP-15C LE's you have purchased and how many of those (if any) have bad keys. Loose or "rattly" f and g keys don't qualify as bad keys for the purposed of this survey as long as they register correctly when pressed.

So, for example, if you have 3 calcs and 1 is bad please respond with: 3:1.

Thanks to everyone that has responded so far!






1:0 LEN 00341




I have one 15C LE and the keyboard shows no problems, is useable enough.






Got mine today from SC


CNA 132090Q LE# 00133


Please, keep the survey open until the German lot has been delivered. Ours are hanging around at the customs, probably for another two weeks.

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Ok. Only reason I was going to close it was I figured people were getting a little tired of seeing it keep popping up <g>. I'll keep it open (or reopen it) when I see that Europe has their delivery.




I've two from Samson Cables, serials in the 1500s. No problem with keyboards.


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LE no 2966 from Samson - no key press issues found yet
Keyboard feel is subjectively slightly better than HP12c from 2007








Passes all the (new) self-tests.

No problem with the keys.

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1:0 00725

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Bought from Buy.com





Above two units received direct from hp in addition to the four reported previously from buy.com. Not all for me, I just seem to be the local distributor at work :-)

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My 1 is fine.


0:1 #00135 CNA132091B from Samson Cable

The "2" Key is not working sometimes after a normal press (and click). Works with stronger press. Quite reproduceable, I will sent it back to HP. Just waiting for a signal from Tim Wessman if he wants it for analysis.


I purchased my HP 15C from Samson Cables at the beginning of the month. Limited Edition Number: 02883.

Subtraction function key is intermittent.

I would like to know whom I should contact to resolve this issue.



Take a look at this thread.



I think I may have sent you this information via direct e-mail (so please don't duplicate), but I'll post here for everyone's benefit.

3:1 LE#02173 (good), LE#02196 (good), LE#02198 (bad divide key, doesn't register with a "normal" click, registers with a "forceful" click).

I also got one 12C 30thAE with keyboard OK.

I was able to contact HP calculators support (by phone) and register a case number. If I remember correctly what was said, I am to expect a package from HP with a replacement unit and a box for mailing in the defective unit so they can diagnose.

At least that's what I am expecting.... ;-) I'll let all know what actually happens!



1:0 - f and g keys are a bit loose, but they do not rattle at all.

[edited to add info about f and g keys]

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"." bad key, LEN 02943, CNA 13208K6


Just received my 15C LE. Originally the COS key didn't register with the click, but after a few tries, it now seems to register fine and directly with every click.

So I will say:




STO has to be pushed harder to register.


Hi, I received two hp15c LE on 2011-09-28 (ordered at Samson Cables 09-12, shipped 09-19).
CNA13207R6 LE# 01649
CNA13207YJ LE# 02328

Both keyboards are working fine.


Thanks to everyone at HP who made the these beautiful machines possible!




1:0 Finally made it here from Samson Cables came in an envelope but is undamaged, even trying really hard I cannot get a key to miss. LE number 01957 coincidentally same as the year I was born.


Two additional units from HP H&HO, LE 878 & 1229. No bad keys, but f,g keys are loose and rattle on 1229, especially g key, which moves noticeably right-left when calc is tilted slightly right-left.


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