HP 12C 30th Anniversary Bugs?


Does the 12c 30th Anniversary have the same PSE and other bugs that the 15c Limited Edition has or is it relatively bug free?

Also, in terms of key-click feel and functionality which of the available 12c releases is "the best". What about the 12c Platinum - is it as fast as the 12c Anniversary? Of course... the 12c Platinum color scheme may be a bit of an acquired taste... ;-) but it has more programmable steps, right?



The 12c 30th AE was mistakenly released with old firmware (2009-07-02) that does have some bugs. There is newer, mostly bug-free, firmware but apparently this didn't make it into production. The most obvious bug is that SST won't show you the instruction when it's held down in run mode. Also, SST and BST won't auto repeat in program mode.


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