My small tribute to the HP-15C LE


See here


A very nice picture of a very good looking calc :-) At the bottom line the only thing spoiling the party is the 30 year old display ...


Nice picture. Nice calculator ! IMO the display is much better than any modern dot matrix display. It's very readable and all you need. To be honest I find all the advanced functions of the HP-15C now a bit of a gimmick - very nice at the time but all I want now is a fast readable scientific with limited programmability for the occasional times it's useful, and a decent keyboard. Anything else I'd use a computer these days. Maybe the odd complex calc, or matrix determinant but that's about it. The hp-15c scores over the 35S in its nice convenient size and layout, and the display !


That's a picture of one of the prototypes? I learned today the actual version on sale has no special 'on' key.


What else does it have?


A huge lever on one side ;-p.


No prototype. The ON key is a little higher than that of the original one, but still a little lower than the other keys of the 15C LE. Mine does not show any of the quality issues reported on the forum (except the bugs of course). Overall I'm very satisfied with the 15C LE (OK, my opinion is a little biased).


Nice! I especially like the Anita and Omron units featured in your gallery...great specimens.

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