HP200LX's Calc under Win7


Hi connoisseurs of HP calculators!

There goes the saying that the calculator within the HP200LX was a migration of a HP19Bii to DOS. Anyway, it's graphing capability was quite good. There had been some migrations to M$ Windos arround.

2 Questions: i) is there one that still works on Win7 (or is the Connectivity Pack und DOSbox the prefered way to go)?
ii) Where may I get it?




The HP200LX mostly uses a non-standard display mode, so getting the original to work on Windows would be difficult or impossible. I don't recall if the connectivity pack included the calculator, or if it did, whether there were any graphical capabilities (the whole thing may have been entirely text-mode).

I believe some older OmniBooks came with Windows 3.1 and some form of HP Calculator application. You might try tracking that down.

Or just keep a 200LX on your desk. :)



The connection pack called CPACK will work in most windows in a DOS Window. CPACK diplays exactly like the HP-200 screen and you can do eveything on it that you will do on a real 200lx, including all the features of the calculator. While it is NOT a windows application and displays as a realativey low quality resolution when compared to today's windows programs, it is very usable.

I have used CPACK to develop more complicated solver programs. Must easier to do than using a HP-19BII or HP-17BII. Once debugged, then I can transfer to the calculator.

As to Windows migrations, HP furnished a couple of Windows programs on their Omnibook computers:

HPCALC - This calcuator had many of the features of the calculator in the 200LX BUT it is missing the L() ad G() commands which are really required for more complex solver programs.

HPPIM - Phone Book and Calendar program that used the same data files as the HP_200LX so you could take the Phone Book from the Calculator and use it with HPPIM on a Windows machine and vice versa.

Just noticed that you mentioned Windows 7. HPPPIM and HPCALC should run in 32 bit Windows 7, but will not run in 64 bit windows 7. There may be a way around this.

You probally will need to run DOSBOX to get the CPACK to to run on a 64 bit windows.

<edit> I just tried CPACK200 on a Windows 7 64 bit and it ran fine in DOSBOX.


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After a long internet search I've finally found this HPPIM package, which also contains HPCALC.EXE:


Unfortunately I couldn't find CPACK200 anywhere, it's full LX200 emulator would of course be much more interesting.

Does anyone here know if and where this CPACK200 could be downloaded?



Thanks everybody for his reply. A Emu200LX would be a dream.

I suppose you can not download the CPACK200 as it was a commercial product and HP did not releas it.



A Emu200LX would be a dream.

Well, every dream comes true - someday! ;-)

Finally I've got all files from the CPACK200 and put together a complete HP200LX emulator package.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll upload it ...

(I've to use a free filehoster, because the server of my own website has serious problems again since weeks)



I'm definitely interested!




Very interested. Thanks!



Ok, here you go:


I've removed the Laplink files which are only needed for filetransfers between the real 200LX and PCs.

For starting the full 200LX emulator just run the first file HP200LX.BAT in the package, if you only want the integrated calculator then use the file HPCALC.BAT.

Have fun, :-)


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Thank you very much!


When I try to run the HP Calc or the Filer applications, I get "RUNTIME ERROR R6009 - Not enough space for environment".

Any hints?


When I try to run the HP Calc or the Filer applications, I get "RUNTIME ERROR R6009 - Not enough space for environment".

Any hints?

In what OS do you try to run it?

Since all apps are DOS programs, they don't run in Win7, so maybe trying them under DosBox would be an idea.

And try to delete the following 3 files:

These are configuration files and have been created under my Win98, so maybe they aren't compatible with your OS.

And another idea:

try to run the emulation with APP200.BAT, this batchfile makes some tests before calling the emulator, so maybe you get an error message from this batchfile which tells a bit more!?

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I don't know why I even bothered to run it under XP on Parallels. DOSBox in OSX is fine.

Thank you.

(Must try running it in DOSBox on Android).

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Adding a few lines to the batch files did it for me:

SET CommonProgramFiles=
SET include=
SET lib=

Just get rid of most of the unnecessary environment variables. Just do a SET >clrenv.bat and see all the variables in your environment. Then add SET in front of each line and remove the text after the = sign for the variables which take up space. Some may be necessary for CMD.EXE to find the executables so just try which may be deleted. Start with the long entries first.


Thank you, Marcus.


It works with Vista and DosBox. Thanks again!



Ok, here you go:


WOW, already 45 downloads! :-)

I would have never imagined that so many here are interested in this old stuff!

But it seems we calculator lovers are indeed a very 'special kind of people' ... ;-)



WOW, already 45 downloads! :-)
Mine one of them. Thank you very much!



Wait-wait-wait! Did I miss something? Last week I asked for it and got two answers, now I find only your append even I look in the HP forum, not the link restricted to the last two days. Was there some more discussion?



Wait-wait-wait! Did I miss something? Last week I asked for it and got two answers, now I find only your append even I look in the HP forum, not the link restricted to the last two days. Was there some more discussion?

Hi Mike,

the full thread is in the archive:


Here's again the link to my HP200LX emulator package:


And a tip from me:

If you ask here something you shouldn't go away for such a long time! ;-)


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A search of CPACK100.zip should bring you to the 100LX version.

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