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Watching the discussions about HP42S and HP32Sii prices, I am just curious about the popularity of HP calculators in various country. Apparently in the US is the most popular. In Indonesia, where some of the HP calculators are made, not many Indonesian use HP calculators, mostly they use Casio. For example, among Indonesian in my office floor, only 2 of us are using HP calcs of of about 20 people. What about other countries?



Your assumption is wrong about the US. Most popular is Texas Instruments. Only old timers and a few discerning Engineering types and some engineering students use HP. Ti out sells Hp by a 10-1 margin in high end graphics (at least, if Ti can call the Ti-83 such). In scientific pocket calcs, it is probably more like a 100-1 (probably being conservative again).


In Trinidad, West Indies 100% of land surveyors use HP calculators. Most use the HP42S, some use 48GX and one that I know use the 32SII because the numbers/letters are large. Most other people aren't even aware that HP makes calculators. I really don't mind because no one in my workplace asks me for my calculators borrow. They can't seem to understand how to use a calculator without an equal sign.


In terms of field of expertise, here in Indonesia, apparently HP calculators are mostly used by those who work in oil and gas business. I've never seen anybody uses TI calcs here.



I am working in a Japanese engineering company relating oil and gas business, too (sometimes I work for Indonesian oil company).

Generally speaking (not only my company), most of people use CASIO or SHARP in Japan which are Japanese blands. HP calc is unfortunately VERY rare because HP calc devision failed marketing and has recently withdrawed here. I think it was not caused by Japan's non-tariff barriers. Their marketing strategy might be wrong, because HP's PDA, workstation, PC, printer etc. carve out some market shares in Japan.

As far as my company, some advanced users have HP200LX and others. I am a HP's user (49G, 32SII, 17BII) now, while used to have a CASIO's pocket computer. I satisfy the quality and performance of HP's very much.


Can HPs be found at all in your area of Japan?

J.C. Randerson


I do not know the general situation of engineering business relating to oil and gas field in Japan but probably HP users are also very rare as general in Japan. Since my company runs intenational business, I feel some advanced users who are particular about handheld tools. Actually some of my neighbors in my office use HP-200LX but it is PDA unfortunately (not so-called calculator). I haven't seen HP 'calc' users in my department but a few in other sections. Also some Americans are working in my company, who probably have HP (I haven't confirmed yet).

There is a bulletin board on the web organized by (formar) authorized retailer and it is the only place to find HP calc's freak and they have the same troubles. We (they and I) cannot ask neighbors if we have questions about HP's complicated calc such as 48/49 series.


Just check the authorised HP dealer here, on one store they do sell HP calculators, but mainly the 10B and 12C. For the scientific version they sold HP-32Sii perviously before it got discontinued (their price list was US$ 74). They do not have the price list for HP 20S, so apparently the HP 20S is not available here.



I've never seen any geologist using HP RPN calc in Japan.


Really? I didn't know TI outnumbers HP calcs! In contrast I've never seen anybody here in my workplace uses TI calcs...



Land Surveyors in New Zealand use HP calcs almost exclusively. I work at the University where the surveyors are trained and we are very frustrated by HP continually showing contempt for the surveying/engineering professions by discontinuing popular makes of calculators.

Our 50+ students buy HP's when they enter their training with the view that it will last them a very long time. We are currently trying to source a large enough supply for our new intake next year, anyone able to point us to a good supply of 32Sii's?


A good source of HP 48GX calculators (as well as plug in application cards and accessories) is Calcpro website www.calcpro.com. They are in Corvallis, Oregon, USA. I have purchased from them many times and have had good dealings with its manager, Paul Nelson. I just got another HP 48GX from them. I do not believe Calcpro has HP 32SII calculators anymore. Good luck!

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