Error in wikipedia article on HP-35s (Solver)


wikipedia article says "Equation solver (a feature first seen on the HP-34C)". While it is true that HP-34C was the first with RPN Solve, what was the first calculator with algebraic ALG EQN Solver?

Karl Schneider's article does not give the exact answer, what model was the first with EQN Solver? HP-17B?




Thomas, you seem to be right according to .



That's the beauty of Wikipedia: we can fix errors like this if we find them and, especially, if we can include references backing up our changes.

Edited: 23 Sept 2011, 9:27 p.m.


I generally won't waste my time with that abortion of a project


You're referring to the 35s and not Wikipedia, right?


No, wiki. If you write something, it just gets scribbled off and replaced by garbage. And it takes time. I'd rather generally get paid for using my real expertise :-)

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