HCC2011 and some 15LE observations


Sitting at the airport waiting for my early morning flight. For all those travelling to HCC; by car or air, have a safe journey and see you there.

Wlodek and I are meeting in LAX, then a slow drive to San Diego and at the hotel by Thursday night. See you in the lobby.

My two HP 15LE arrived yesterday, serial numbers at the 500 level. No crooked or loose keys.

Interestingly enough: if you are QUICK, you can get the classic keyboard test to work:

Invoke the test with "/ and the ON key" and then quickly press the square root key and then each succesive key as with the 15C.

You just have to get to the square root key quickly or you get error 9. Once completed the classic 15 will show in the centre of the display.

Of course the new tests are similar to the HP 12:

"g" + "ENTER" pressed together then the "ON"key.

And in case it has not been explained well enough, the flashing porcedure for the 15LE is the same as flashing the 34S. Cable, Samba and away you go.

Cheers, Geoff

Cheers, Geoff


And in case it has not been explained well enough, the flashing procedure for the 15LE is the same as flashing the 34S.

But there's no new firmware available to flash it with as far as I know, is there?


Correct. Nothing yet. Don't know if there will be some firmware at the conference or not. If there is new firmware, I would doubt it will be anything that is under NDA.


Would last year's beta testers be allowed to share the firmware versions they received in the meantime? I understand it did not have the PSE problem, so it could be an intersting alternative.

Edited: 22 Sept 2011, 11:40 a.m.


Neat discovery Geoff, thanks for sharing, it does indeed work if you are quick.

-- I'll add that you need to press all the keys in sequence fairly rapidly or you will get [ERROR 9]

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