HP 42s prices!!


How long do you think prices for the 42s will continue to rise? They are selling for approx. £200 on ebay - will they peak or have they peaked already?

Thanks and I look forward to your thoughts.


Prices are still going up, but it looks as if they are leveling off more. As soon as the MUST HAVE buyers and GREEDY sellers are apeased, the prices will come done. I don't see it hapening before the end of the year though and I don't see the prices going below $150 for a long time after that. That's just my opinion as a day to day watcher.

If you are looking to sell the more of the orignial items supplied by HP in the box, including the box, the bids will go higher. If you are looking to buy, what are you willing to pay. I bought my first 42s new from EduCalc for $85 ten years ago. I bought my second on eBay for $140 about 18 months ago. I would love to have a 3rd, but I'm not willing to pay more than $150 for one.


Richard, I tend to disagree with you. Especially the part about 'greedy sellers'. Since 1999 I was lucky to find a dealer who was willing to sell me his service repalcement HP42S anytime he got from HP. I sold these for $150 plus shipping. Then I started to realise that a lot of people that bought from me, were re-selling them on ebay for over $250, either as new in non-retail box or slightly used. What was I supposed to do? Continue selling them at $150 a piece and loose [the way I see it], or raise the price to what the market dictates?
Well I decided to raise the price. Now that I sell the HP42S for $235 plus shipping, I have seen the last two new in box service replacement HP42S go over $300 [$350.31 and $238.51 to be exact].
That price is really high. I don't believe it would remain that high, maybe I am wrong. I feel around $250 is where it would most likely settle. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


The greedy seller syndrome has trickled down to the 32SII units too. Ever since they were discontinued, prices have shot up (irrational exuberance some would say).

Some sellers on eBay and elsewhere are asking nearly $100, and one who purports to "add value" is asking $175. Now I understand supply and demand and basic economics, but I think some of these prices are just wishful thinking on the part of sellers. If they can sell these calculators for these prices, more power to them. However, the 32SII is quite a prevalent calculator, and prices should not be this high for long.

My $0.02


I've noticed the 32Sii (and 42S) in the last few days, and I was stunned by the price of both calcs. I don't have any idea about calculator collection activities in the US but I assume that is the main thing raising the calc price.

I cannot blame to either the sellers or the buyers, as this represents a very high demand recently, and I don't really understand why.



I don't believe the 42s or 32s are reeeally collectors items (most collectors already have one). I believe the prices are sky high because engineers who have one, now realize that if they ever lose Hp working calc #1 will have to use a 48G series or switch to Ti, and are willing to pay $$$ to have a spare rather than either of the other two options.

Me, I use the 48, but I do prefer the 32 or 42 for general number crunching. However an Hp48G is expendiable in comparison (how much longer is any RPN expendable??)


I think you're completly right Ron.
And I say this because is exactly my case.I bought a new HP-42s a few months ago and I have two news HP-32sii, and a week ago I win an e-bay auction and I pay $250 for a HP-42s.
The reason?. If you like a calculator and think that is the perfect choise for you, are you going to think about $100?.
Unfortatunately, it seems there's not market for smart, little and powerfull RPN calculators, and seriously, I can't imagine myself being in a meeting with armani suits chaps and using a rainbow calculator like TI or HP49, and of course HP48 is too big so why not spend some money in a second HP-42S?


Wasn't it H. L. Mencken who said; "No one ever went broke underestimating the "intelligence" of the American public." ? Particularly when new HP32SII calcs can still be found by the hundreds at retail outlets for less than $50, with a little effort. I have to think that knowledgeable collectors look at an asking price of $175, and just laugh.


Yeah, same with manuals. Imagine buying a manual for $20.50 one day and trying to sell it for $40 the next day. And we thought Enron and Worldcom were bad. Nobody is stopping folks from paying these prices, but with a little work, one can find the exact same stuff for a whole lot less.


For a LOT of people, spending even a few minutes trying to save 20 bucks on a manual is a losing proposition. If you need it, don't have the time to find it, and somebody has it for a few bucks more than you could find it for after a few hours searching... believe me, a bird in the hand can be worth a lot more than 20 bucks in the bush.


Hey, if you need it ASAP, nobody's stopping you from buying it. Pay whatever you want... it's your money. However, it's been my experience, people are willing to work a little to save a few bucks. Kinda like my friend who drives 40 miles out of his way to save 5 cents per gallon of gas.

What about battery packs? Would you pay $100 for a dead battery pack for an HP41C? I think that's a bit over the top, don't you? That said, there may be someone somewhere who'll pay it.


Paying $40 for a $5 manual may be fine for some people, but it still doesn't solve the "time" issue. You have to wait for the auction to end, and the item to be shipped. Seems that if a 32SII owner "needs" some information, he could order a replacement manual from HP, call HP tech support, or post questions on this forum. All would make far better use of his time. And money.


I think "readily available at the local retail level" is relative. I have never seen an HP32 sold at the retail level anywhere in Colorado. To buy mine I always had to send off for one. Indeed, to buy an HP calc in Colorado, you had to be dedicated, and really hunt them down. Recently I haven't seen any HP calcs sold by anyone anywhere in Colorado. In an odd twist, though, during a visit to the University of Wyoming, the bookstore there had a bunch of HPs, the 6s,30,48, and 49, but again, no HP32s.

J.C. Randerson


wow. In MA, HPs are carried by Office Max, Staples, Best Buy, and even WalMart. Lucky, I guess.


This knowledgeable collector knew where to find 32SII units until May, when they all disappeared. For example, the Fry's in Arlington had a couple of dozen in stock the first weekend of May, but they were all gone two weeks later. A similar situation occured with a local calculator wholesaler - by the end of May, he had sold all his 32Sii units. Fortunately, I have a few acquired in the normal course of collecting. (No, they're not for sale.)

I expect that once people get past the hoarding phase and sanity returns, the prices will come down.


Well, Smile Photo had 9 in stock, as of July 1. And most local college bookstores in the Western MA area still have them. All around $50. One friend in CA, just bought 30 of them, from an Office Max store. One just needs to be determined to find them.


I'll give you $125 for an unmarked 42s, since that's all you think they are worth. Heck! I'll give you $150 for it.

Where should I send the payment?

I have heard so many complain about the prices but when it comes time to sell their stuff, they sell it for the same prices as everyone else.

See, supply-and-demand good when they want to sell but is evil when they want to buy.

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