New -to me- Calculators, including WP-34s


New calculators.

OK, the 15C LE is nice enough. THANK YOU HP!!!

But, as I may have said elsewhere, I personally do not like and have not gotten used to the "horizontal" layout style of this calculator. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, I just don't like it -- I'm an old dog and I learned calculators from the HP-45 on up, never using one of the "horizontal" models. This is likely a problem with me, not with the calculator.

So... I just now got onto the WP-34s bandwagon. THANK YOU PAULI and WALTER and ANYBODY ELSE WHO HELPED OUT (IS HELPING OUT) ON THIS!!!

This is a way cool device, I am looking forward to using it a lot!

Thanks, Gene, for sending out a cable. I got it at the same time as I got a couple of HP 30b calculators, and I must say that the calculators as they came out-of-the-box were a HUGE motivation to get the cable and the flashing program going in a hurry, because (sorry, HP), really, what a dog. Yes, I am very far removed from the target consumer for the HP 30b, but wth, I couldn't find anything within it to motivate me to delay the reflashing in the slightest. Wow. The hardware seems to be OK within reason, except for the IMO stupid trapezoidal shape to the base, and the case that doesn't look like it was designed to fit, and the colors that I don't like (and don't care about, and will be covered up by WP 34s soon anyway, so it doesn't really matter) and the battery cover that the mfr had to put some sticky goo inside because I think they fear it will fall off on its own, and the country of origin, and the consistently crooked sn sticker, and the on button that seems to click-but-not-register about 1 in 20 times. Yeah, that's about it. For now. I guess I have to maintain the reputation of people in this forum being hard-to-please.

But anyway -- I am liking the look and feel of the WP-34s so far!

And, it cannot be said enough, thank you HP for the 15C LE (and for the flashing connection available in the hardwares that have it). It is nice enough, and it has motivated me to start re-using calculators that I have and like (42s, 32sii, 97, 41, WP-34s, etc).

Oh and HP -- even though I called it a dog, please keep the HP 30b around and inexpensive/plentiful on the shelves, I think there is some volume potential for it as a hardware-source for the WP-34s. Would hate to see it disappear.

Everybody have fun in San Diego this weekend!

happy calculating,

Dan M.

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REPLACE THIS TEXT WITH THE QUOTEOh and HP -- even though I called it a dog, please keep the HP 30b around

Too late. They saw your comment a while back and said, "Well, gosh! I guess Dan thinks it is a dog. Might as well discontinue it now."




Dammit Dan! You have to be careful what you say on this forum :)



Too late. They saw your comment a while back and said, "Well, gosh! I guess Dan thinks it is a dog. Might as well discontinue it now."



Hey Tim, if I knew that was all it took to get HP's ear, I would have waxed poetic about the HP-42s (re-issue would be fun, and likely to create a lot to complain about!) :-)

But you should know about my 100% no-fail guarantee: any/all of my opinions are GUARANTEED to be worth TWICE what you paid for them.

Have a great weekend. If I wanted to hear about trees I would be there too.

Best regards,
Dan M.


Well I just got the 30B today, with intent to flash to the 34S.

This is the first new calc I have bought from HP since my 42S in 1989, and I must say it is quite nice. The keyboard is crisp and solid, exactly what I would expect from HP. Very pleased with the hardware, though not a fan of the champagne color.

I might even buy a second one to retain as a financial calc, retiring my HP-80. ;)

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