12c LE - same calculator as original?


Have a look on this youtube film. She is a hp-official. Does she tell the truth. Colour injected keys? Almost same electronics? Good battery life? As sturdy as original? Did I miss something?

from 1:29 on it becomes cool! Enjoy...

12c LE youtube film


I don't think they are using the double-shot molded keys any more.

The electronics is definitely NOT "almost same", as it is entirely different. There is not a single electronic component in common with the original.


I don't think they are using the double-shot molded keys any more.

She says "color injected plastic":

"The keys are all color injected plastic and that hasn't changed, they never wear down..."

This appears to be a simplified and cheaper process. Indeed, I haven't noticed any wearing down so far, but I may just not have used my 12C+ enough. "That hasn't changed" is wrong, however.


Did I miss something?

Of course you did. Couldn't you tell it is a comedy escaped
from the marketing department? :P

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I was just going to say she must be from sales or marketing. That's all that really needs to be said here.

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