HP 15C LE available as of 9/20 at ...


Following HP shopping site states that it is available and for $129

Comes with Calculator emulator on CD as well. However the spec says it has 12 digit display, called sales and technical support they both claim, spec is true it is 12 digit display. Well, picture shows only 10 and the original 15C is 10 digits. Technical support even claimed that earlier product sheets for 15C LE stated 10 digits and they updated it with 12 digit. Doesn't make sense. Any comments?


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It's 10 digits. Same LCD used in modern 12Cs, looks almost exactly like original Voyager LCDs.


Hello, may I help you ? My name is Peggy.....


Hello, may I help you ? My name is Peggy.....

I'm not really sure I get this one...


It's a dumb commercial about inept outsourced customer support, where the person answering the phone adopts a westernized name. Just a joke, that's all.


Here is an example on one of the "Hello my name is Peggy" commercials Michael is referring to. They are pretty funny.


The current supervisor transfer ad is my favourite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZXZAlfykpo


Hey, you never know, they might be including the "f" and "g" annunciators.

If you count all the annunciators, the 15c displays *way* more than 12 digits.

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