Day Late, Dollar short.


Wow!! Looked Friday at hp store, 15C LE not available yet, looked tonight and already out of stock. Probably never get one, short of watching that site every half hour.

I have waited patiently for years to see that calculator run again just to buy one to replace my demised original for work. With the calculator in production again, I was not expecting to have to scramble to buy just one.....really disappointing, probably see a load of them turn up on you know what bid site at 4 times the price.

I think at this point, if there are any left, someone can have mine. This run of the 15C is a bust as far as I can see as I am not constantly watching hp shopping, and not buying anywhere else.


That's too bad because it appears Bach still has them at 99.99$ At least it let me add one to my shopping cart.


I ordered from them and got a call within the hour saying that they do not have any in stock. I need to call back tomorrow to let them know if I want to wait to see if they can get more or just cancel the order.


Sure is a bummer, hopefully though given the instant success they'll be permanently adding a non LE 15C to their scientific calculator lineup.

They were available to add to cart on the HP Home website over the weekend.


Couple of points:

1. I don't think I've seen a "LE#" (on this site anyway) over 5000, so maybe there is still another container somewhere in the supply chain.

2. If you want to make a case, it would be very easy to talk me out of my unused one at cost (I bought 2 total), because as much as I want to, I just don't like the "landscape" layout format. And if nothing else, this dislike inspired me to bring a 42s and 32sii back into current calculator circulation (and get a WP-34s) because I like that layout style a lot more.

good luck comes to those who wait(?)

Dan M.


The HP-15C LE is back in HP's store... for $129.99.


You don't understand. HP has 2 different stores: Home and also the Small and Medium Business store

The Home store is out of stock but has the $99.99 price showing.

The Small and Medium Business store is in stock with the $129.99 price showing.


Actually, it's $129.00 HP 15C LE


Appears that the HP "Home & Home Office Store" has re-opened the HP-15C Limited Edition for orders again at $99.99. It notes "in stock".


I get "Out of Stock" at 4:36 am Pacific Time.


It appeared to be available for a few hours. It showed in stock at around 3:00 AM Eastern and now at 10:41 AM Eastern it is out of stock.


The HP Business store shows an estimated ship date of 9-25-2011. Perhaps they have more stock on the way.

The 15c LE I ordered from HP shipped from Olive Branch, MS. Looks like they are all coming from the same distribution center.


I have to believe that if the 15C LE really does sell out quickly, then HP will make a "not so limited edition." It would be free money.



It's a supply and demand issue. If HP declares, for example, that they are making 10 million HP-15C LE units, then the frenzy to buy one will die out!!

I guess you remember what happened with the HP-32SII when we heard that HP will no longer make RPN calculators. The HP-32SII sold on TAS for $200+, up from the going price of $75. When the HP-33S came along the prices for the HP-32SII went down.

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