Inmates at the hpmuseum?


check out this article, they call us inmates!


That's about the size of it. Ever tried to break free from this obsession?


That's about the size of it. Ever tried to break free from this obsession?

Inmate is such an ugly term and infers that my obsession with HP calculators is against my will and society must be protected against me. On the other hand, my obsession was completely voluntary and I don't want to be cured :)

As for the part about protecting society against me, well I have no comment....

It's OK - Steve's one of us, and posts occasionally.


--- Les



Well, you beat me to it. I just arrived to post the pointers to the blogs. "Inmates" did indeed seem to me to be the precisely correct term. After all, is this not an asylum for people afflicted with the HP Calculator meme? Have we not all committed ourselves in some way or another?

--Steve Leibson


More appropriate, as we all came here by our own choice:

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave ...


I do prefer rising suns over setting ones as well :-)


From your special CNN reporter in California: a piture of a bunch of HPmuseum inmates during mornig out-walk.

Hich security agents surveying HPmuseum forumers.

Despite efforts of major IT compagnies and consumer industries, thousands of fanatics still persist in using a reverse polish notation (sigle RPN) or language (sigle RPL) for computation and programming. Same of them still using equipements more than 30 years old or acquired during President Richard M. Nixon, or US President James E. "Jimmy" Carter mandat (in all case before previous or actual President mandat !).

The government has promised to end such activities and is already taking all measures necessary to retort and to stem the impact of these highly reprehensible acts in order to protect the civilian population from such individuals.


Thanks for the photo! A good Monday morning laugh.


I'm switching to algebraic mode, I look terrible in yellow!


I'm switching to algebraic mode

La donna è mobile ... !


la donna è flessibile



Have we not all committed ourselves in some way or another?

You've probably all heard it, but remember the old line about the difference between involvement and commitment?

They're like bacon and eggs: the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.


--- Les



LOL - good explanation!


Im already committed. :)

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