HP-15C LE Order Page Has Gone Live


Just checked and the order page at HP.com has gone live.


It might be worth mentioning that the HP Store has a much more generous return policy (21 days) than Samson Cables, which does not have a return policy at all on opened electronics.


Just checked and the order page at HP.com has gone live.

Old news, Stevie. But thanks.

I got an email from HP telling me that the order I placed this morning on the HP website is shipping tomorrow by matter-energy conversion beaming (aka Fedex) and will be arriving Wednesday. Can't wait to fondle the new keys!


Did you use a $10 discount coupon per the original post on this ? Anyways, glad to see a few more folks are picking these up at non gouge pricing. I've already got my allotment of 2 so I'm not ordering any more from HP.


There is also the OFFERS15 code that takes $15 off an order of $75 or more and supposedly good through 10/31 (31/10 for you non-US types). Don't know if it works for the HP15C as I too have my quota but thought that I would mention it.

There are also offers for $10 off a purchase of %50 or more and for those that want two an offer of $30 off %150 or more. Here is the link.




Did you use a $10 discount coupon per the original post on this ?

Yes, I mentioned this in my original post in another thread. The $10 discount almost covered all the state sales tax. I used one of the two codes that were mentioned.

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