That NIB 15C (LE) went for $356


You remember the story:

We're unlikely to learn the Rest of the Story, however.

Unless some hardy soul wants to contact the seller and ask?


amazing! bidder could have bought 4 at the hp store.


amazing! bidder could have bought 4 at the hp store.

HP-15C: edition = limited

bidder: stupidity = unlimited ;-)

LOL Is this a practical joke by bidders?

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The winner has feedback over 1000. They should know better.


1) Winning bidder is German.

2) Germany bailed out Greece.

3) Stupid world.


How can you determine the Bidder's location?


I can infer it from the winner's bid history, which uses the German language from the German TAS website. It's not certainty, since anyone can bid at any site, however, it's the most likely conclusion.

Bid history

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How can you tell how a BIN auction ended? The one you linked to was an auction, so it shows the ultimate price. But I was watching this one, and I can't even tell whether it sold or not.

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This was a BIN with Make Offer option. Look over on the right side, it has a link "2 sold".


Look on the right side. It states "2 sold". Click on it and you can see the aliases of the buyers and when they were bought.


I also do not agree with this price !

Price !!!!!


Hey! That's not your ordinary G-shock. It is a Takashi Murakami!

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