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I would like to try to get some idea of how bad the keyboard quality on the 15C LE really is. If you have received one (or more) and tested it/them please indicate number received and number bad. By bad I mean keys that do not register, take more force to register, double register (repeat) etc. I am *NOT* interested in the f/g loose key/alignment/rattle condition. If the f/g keys work (register correctly) they are working for the purposes of this survey.



EDIT: Thanks to all that have responded so far. As of Tuesday morning I have data for 71 calculators (including 3 that two friends of mine that do not post to this forum purchased) of which 9 have had keyboard problems reported. That is a failure rate of just over 12.5%. At this point I still view the numbers as meaningless and they will remain so until the sample gets a lot larger.

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I'll start:

Received 3. Bad 0.


I am new to posting on this forum, lurked on and off for several years looking for news of HP bringing back the 15C.

Received 1 Bad 0 though of course the keys are not as nice as my original 15C! I'll continue to carry and use the original for everyday use and the LE will be a secondary unit that sits at home. Limited Edition Number 02220

Self Test Procedure for HP 15C LE

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So, welcome!


Is it correct to infer from your handle that you are female? If so, AFAIK you would be only No. 2 (besides Katie) at least that posts regularly.


Bought one, works fine.


I bought two. GOOD:2 BAD:0 I will buy another 15C.

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Of the ones I have opened:

Good 3, Bad 0.


one ordered thru buy.com; one bad key: COS. emailed buy.com for replacement---which means will have to part with it for 15-25 days! :(

LE number: 00528


4 HP 15C calculators - 0 bad


2 good : 0 bad


Good:3 Bad:0


Don't send you HP-15C LE back to buy.com if you ever want to see one again (for reasonable $). I called them on Friday about a defective unit, and they told me all stock is gone, there are none for replacements, and they expect to get no more, which is why the unit isn't even listed as a buy.com product anymore. They would be happy to give a refund though.


2 good
0 bad


1 good
0 bad
Bought thru SC


Received 2, both are good


2 received, 0 bad.


The "7" key clicks before it actually registers, so it requires a little more force.

Quality is about comparable to the original 15C I purchased in 1983 (and still have).


I received two calculators. No keyboard issues at all on either of them.

Received: 2

Bad Keys: 0

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Received 1 calculator. 1 Bad key. (The "4" key clicks but does not register unless I press it very firmly)


I bought one and haven't noticed any problems yet.


I purchased two and one has a stubborn square root key. It clicks without registering unless pressed firmly. The other appears to work correctly.


2 received, 0 bad


I received one (1).

And, it was perfectly fine, no problematic keys.


Purchased (4) and (2) have keyboard issues, one requires way too much pressure to register the 7 key, the other one clicks before registering the 3 key so the feedback on it is unreliable.


1 received : 1 bad key ('3')

All other keys ok.


2 units, all good.


Received 2 units, only opened one (the other is a gift). No keyboard issues, all keys feel fine. LE #1124.



I have two HP15C LE units and both keyboards are fine.

However, my original 15C has two SST keys (the second one is where the TAN key should be).




However, my original 15C has two SST keys (the second one is where the TAN key should be).

Now that's a collectible!


Received one from Buy.com: keyboard completely OK, all keys register and feel correct, 'f' and 'g' are aligned correctly, limited edition number #01089.


Received 1, no bad keys. Both f & g keys are nice and tight.


I opened one and the keyboard is good.


Thanks Namir,

I thought that you mentioned buying several for friends and testing them before you shipped. Did they test ok? Or where you not looking for keyboard issues.




Received: 1
Bad: 0


Received one from buy.com last Monday. No bad keys I could find, all of them pass the self-check test with normal keystrokes.


4 units received

0 bad keyboards or other issues.


1 unit purchased, from buy.com, Limited Edition Number 02368.

Two (2) bad keys: The '6' key, and the 'SST' key. Keys feel the same as the others, but do not register when the key goes down. They will only register if I press them with about twice the force necessary to make the key go down.

I got my unit on Thursday, found the issue immediatly, called buy.com Friday morning, and was told refund would be gladly made, but there were no units available for replacement, and they expected to receive no more units from HP.

I called HP support this morning. They said they sent all their stock to the retailers, and have none for replacement either, at this time. I will have to wait 8-12 weeks for a repair/replacement.


Did you see Tim Wessman's email about contacting him directly?


Just did, and emailed him. Glad to see that someone cares to find out what is going wrong. Dan


My friend in the US bought 2 units (#02449 #02799) from amazon.com. I have seen them on skype and the self test worked fine as far as we could see. Have to wait for a couple of days more before I can touch…

So: 2:0



Received one, no bad keys.


Received one unit with all keys working fine. Great calculator!


Got one, ran the three self tests.

(I googled <hp 12c self tests error 9> to find the official HP version of tests, which are the same as those for the new-model 12c).

The press-all-the-keys test was satisfactory.

Score 1/0.


I have LE Number 00054 from Samson Cables. The "REAL" Self-Test was passed with no errors. All keys work silky smooth. It is very fast (as is the 12C+ and 12C LE). Compare 69! with the original 12C or 15C. I am very impressed with the overall quality of this calculator. Thank You, HP!


Compare 69! with the original 12C or 15C.

You might want to compare -69.5! with the original 15C to see the difference.


1 good (0 bad)

Both old and new keyboard tests pass 1st attempt, with no tactile or observed issues.

somewhat off topic:

12c 30th AE purchased at the same time has 99% keyboard (if a key was non-functional it would be 97.5%). Once in a while, rare enough that it could be my fault, I'm pretty certain I 'clicked' a key but the calc did not register. Never able to repro on demand.


Received 1, bad 0


Received LE 00932 from Samson Cables today. All keys good.


--- Les



Just got my 15C LE yesterday. Used it for an hour+ of physics tutoring last night. I have used a 45 at home for 36 years and a 15C in my office for ~25 years. The fancy LE package had no seal and the plastic tray holding the 15C had quite a grip on the calculator. The 15C LE is heavier than my original (124g v 118g). The LE screen has same contrast but has a slight green/yellow tint. The LE battery cover is too easily opened in my opinion. The LE keys seem to have slightly more travel and are a bit noisier than the vintage unit. The LE keys have a "chalky" feel as they are pressed. No bad keys detected and I did not experience any "typos" while working at normal speed. The LE key labels are brighter or my original has faded. I paid $89 with free shipping and am pleased.

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