HP-12C Variation



Just bought a new HP12C in Australia S/N CN212 03991.

It uses a single Lithium 3V CR2032, not three cells.
Extra flyer (P/N 00012-90506)describes the new battery.
Handbook still describes three batteries.
The handbook is edition 3 (c) 1982 P/N 00012-90001 printed

The f shift key ledgends are orange not gold, contrast is even less then the g shift blue ledgends.

Logo is stuck on polished metal.

This is my first 12C, very nice, so I am not complaining.

The local book shop was pleased to have stock at last.




I bought one a few months ago (about three), and it seems mine is the same as yours (serial # CN11805303), also Lithium 3V CR2032 and extra flyer describing how to change battery, handbook keeps three LR-44 explanation.

Just to mention. This is the ChiNa way...



The support area of HP's web site has a page about replacement batteries for calculators. They say that all HP12C starting with serial # CN11500001 are now using 1 3-volt CR2032 battery rather than the traditional 3 1.5-volt button-cells. (I think they also redesigned the door of the battery compartment in the same style like on recent HP19BII units.)


Where was it manufactured ? Check the back "label". I recently bought a 19bII with the new batery cover, that seems to be the solution for the well known weakness of the clamshells.


Hi (Oi, José; tudo certo?)

the CN in the serial # means ChiNa-made. Mine reads Fabriquè en Chine and Made in China.

Cheers. (Té mais)

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