More 15C Manual Errata


Page 261, describing the self-tests that don't actually work. The footnote indicates that the ON + Divide keyboard test should display a 12 when finished, not a 15.


That was copied incorrectly from page 221 of the original HP-12C Owner's Handbook instead of page 264 of the original HP-15C Owner's Handbook. So it's an error of an error. That whole page should be X-ed out, and replaced with the correct tests for the two CR2032 battery models.


p. 110 Top of Page:
Arrows/parentheses not aligned properly on nnnnn.xxxyy. Same in .pdf copy.

p.75 Calculator picture:
The highlighted ('TAN') key not too obvious (was color in original manual).



Note that this footnote is not an erratum if you are CAD_Jockey.

But that's because you actually have a 12C in there, and that makes almost everything else in your manual errata.

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