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Hi there, last week the local newspaper (Giornale di Brescia) has dedicated a big article (italian language only) to my HP calculators collection and how it means for me and for the history of technology.
You may be able to see it, and a photo of me near the "HP glass", pointing the browser here: http://www.giornaledibrescia.it/giornale/2002/06/30/17,PRIMO_PIANO/T5.html
Take note that speaking of HP calculators I've cited as reference the HP Museum, you will see the link at the end of the article.
Happy July 4 to all! Gian


Sorry for the confusion, unfortunately the Giornale di Brescia web site allows only registered users to views articles on-line, here is a valid URL: http://www.hpcalculators.net/hp%20calculators.htm

Thanks for reading! Gian


Nice article Gian!

To bad about the italian language, it would be nice to se an english translation of it though ;-)
I really like your rack. It looks very nice, and I would like to se some more pictures of it.
As I'm in the middle of building a displaying rack of my own right now, I think it would be great to se some other racks for displaying our calculators...




first, congratulations, Gianmaria. That´s a nice way to show your work and talent.

And Johnny, try Altavista, Translate, Italian to English, Tranlate a Web Page and copy-and-paste Gianmaria´s page address. The results is an English version, readable page. I can get some Italian words, but I also needed the translation to understand some expressions.

Hope it helps.


I tried Luiz's tip on altavista translation of the article about Gianmaria's collection.

While I certainly now know more, the translation is pretty rough! I was especially amused by "but that he did not succeed to ignite" in reference to, I presume, a calculator which would not "turn on."

Despite its shortcomings, the altavista site does seem to be a good place to visit if you need a quick and dirty translation.


Auguri !

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