HP 15C LE: For anyone who intend to keep theirs unopened in box


Please be aware of what is discussed in this thread. It is a good idea to test the calculator for the correct firmware :(



Edited: 17 Sept 2011, 5:50 a.m.


So, are you another proud owner of a 12C AE disguised as a 15C LE ?


Not yet ;-)

Mine arrives this monday hopefully with the good firmware. I just noticed several posts made after this discovery where people talk about not opening their boxes. So just to make them check.




are yours sealed in some manner?

My unit arrived and you wouldn't be able to tell if was opened before or not as there was nothing sealing it.

Did Samson send me an opened box?


No. They are not sealed in any way.


Indeed. No sealing. That made it easier to check some units that I shipped for a friend overseas. I did not want him to get DOA units.


Interestingly, the 12C 30th AE is sealed by a little piece of tape across the plastic outer packaging.


Interestingly, the 12C 30th AE is sealed by a little piece of tape across the plastic outer packaging.

Mine wasn't.

The bottom flaps open without even slightly disturbing the seal. And close again.

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