What other retailers will get 15c LE?


We've heard that 10,000 would be produced. Apparently buy.com got either 1,000 or 2,000 units based on the serial numbers people have received. Samson Cables has sold out of how ever many they got.

Surely other retailers are going to get some too. The press release was featured on many of the electonic websites I frequent. I can't imagine HP limiting it to just two online stores. I would have figured that Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot, and Amazon.com would get at least 1,000 units each. Hopefully more will show up shortly.


Also, Fry's Electronics was slated to get some of the HP-15cLE's too.


Fry's - yes. The others (Best Buy, Target, etc) I don't expect they will sell the 15c


I just got my HP 15C LE from buy.com, and the edition number is 02103. So I'm guessing they either got more than 2000, or I got one of the very last ones from the run they bought (which is entirely possible).


Or serial numbers were not sequential. For what it's worth buy.com told me that they had 1,000 in stock the very first morning they went on sale.




Buy.com didn't stock anything. They just use the same drop shipper that ships for a bunch of other big companies.


Exactly. Both my Buy.com and CostCentral orders shipped from "Distribution Center, Olive Branch, MS." Even the internal packing lists have the same source.


I had a pre-order with SC and it also shipped from Olive Branch, MS. Same as the 12C and 15C I ordered from buy.com. Didn't realize they all used the same distribution center.


See above post. Better check all your calcs before shipment to make they aren't a 12C AE ROM in a 15C LE skin.


If that is the case why are some out of stock and some just beginning to ship?

I know that this was discussed before but that never got explained to my satisfaction. If they are dropped shipped, as it appears, then is there stock set aside for each retailer? That would of course explain it but it would still allow individual retailers to list "stock on hand" and retain some meaning to the numbers.

What I am getting at is that buy.com knew that they had a certain amount of units to sell and that when they were done they pulled the listing. Other retailers using the same drop shipper started actually "shipping" units after buy.com was apparently all out of stock. If everyone drop ships out of the same stock why isn't it simply first come first served and whoever sells the most wins? Seems to me that retailers have stock reserved for them. If that is the case saying that they have x number of units on hand does provide some idea of how many have been sold. Since I am not in retail this is obviously all guesswork from seeing how things played out from the moment buy.com posted the 15C through when they pulled the listing and said that they were out of stock, followed by other retailers beginning to ship.

At any rate it would appear that serial number are even more meaningless as a guide to how many a retailer had available since they can be pulled off the shelf in any order by the drop shipper.




I think this is common practice with many online stores that do not have a physical brick and mortar store or warehouse. I recently wanted to buy a particular US branded bicycle that is made in Taiwan. It was listed at several online stores as out of stock, but this one store claimed to have it in stock. After placing the order they emailed me that they had made a mistake and did not have one available. When I inquired further they told me that they and all the other "stores" get their stock from one distributor in the USA, such that once the inventory was depleted, then it was unavailable to everyone.

It's clear, however, that some of the HP 15C LE stock has found its way to the sellers themselves like Samsom Inovations, who are proceeding to price gouge.


I just received serial # 2612 from Samson Cables (ordered through Amazon on 9/10/11). Price was $99, shipped USPS from Indianapolis, IN.

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