Such a beautiful sight


Hmm...I wonder what is in here?

Let's open it.

Maybe I should decorate my wall with them?



Only 16 ?


Yeah.....don't hold back! Lol


The rest are still in the possession of FedEx and UPS. But these will be gone before those arrive, so there will be no reunion. I also am expecting ten of the 12c 30th Anniversary units to arrive on Monday.


From a box labelled "quantity 10", that's pretty good!


These 16 (plus two more not pictured) I bought on the secondary market, since the second-tier distributors didn't have them yet. My next shipment will be from a second-tier distributor.

I opened up one of them to photograph it, and I was lucky enough to get unit # 00888!



Eric!! You didn't!!! Door prizes for the HHC2011??!!! How generous of you!!! You are the man!!!

<in a loud cheering voice>Eric Eric ... he's our man! If he can't do it, no one can!!!

Not to mean to change the subject. Are you printing more overlays for the wp34s?

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Eric Eric ... he's our man! If he can't do it, no one can!!!

Not to mean to change the subject. Are you printing more overlays for the wp34s?

Why "change the subject"? It still fits ;-)

Nice!!! Which ones are mine? I can't wait for them to arrive, although I have one regret about having them fedex'd to my office: concentration will be difficult with such a perfect distraction! Our most recent hire showed up on his first day with a 12c, bringing the total number of RPN users in our labs to 5. Anyways, great pic! Also, thanks again for your exceptionally prompt and helpful service. Anyone who hasn't purchased through hpcalc should!


Any of them for sale?


How sad.
All failed in the function pse.
Will have a value here some 30 years.
This is the hp does not produce it again :-)
Those who live will be able to buy.

HP-15 LE - Two (or more) bad keys

You have forgotten that this HP today is not that we met in the past?

" HP sets a new era of producing defective calculators! "

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The HP that many people here seem to believe in would have never even *made* a 15C reissue. The fact is, they did it. Whether engineers convinced management it would be a cool idea, someone had a revelation in a dream, or whatever, it is once again possible to buy an HP 15C.

The PSE function is a *software* bug which can be fixed. The 12C+ had some bugs when it first came out too, and those have been fixed. I'm certain that once HP fixes the bugs, even if they don't offer to reflash calculators for people, they will at least provide the new firmware image to people like us.

As for the "bad keys," the wobbly f and g keys simply aren't a big deal. As far as keys that actually don't work or have to be pushed excessively hard are concerned, manufacturing defects happen. Even when HPs were made exclusively in the US and Singapore, defective calculators slipped past QA. I have an almost perfect-looking USA made 32s 50th Anniversary with a top row of keys that feel mushier than the rubber keys on my Casio FX-7000g. If you have a legitimately bad keyboard, exchange the calculator, HP put a warranty on these things for a reason.


I fear all 15C LE keyboards will develop this problem sooner or later. My 35s was at first ok in this respect, but last time I tried one key had a tactile feedback from *not* registering the keystroke ;-(. It's just not possible to have a durable keyboard and save 25ct/unit at the same time. Sharholder value always win, of course.

I'm so sorry for Tim et al. for doing a great job messed up by HP. Time for them to build some startup company ;^).

Anyway, my sample-if it arrives-is a good investment, and certainly will sell on TAS. But that was not what I was hoping for :-(.


Fortunately, the one that I bought doesn't have any keyboard issues. Still, even if it does develop them down the road, it will serve its main purpose of saving wear and tear on my original HP 15C, which works perfectly although it's a bit scuffed up from heavy use from when I was still working. I have a second unit arriving today, which I will store away as backup in case this one fails. Hopefully, additional units at normal prices will reappear for those of you that have had problems.

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To me, 35s keyboards felt noticeably bad. I can push a 35s key hard and get a lot of flex. Not true with the 15c LE. See also: The hardware (keyboard included) of the 15c LE has been used in 12cs since 2009 and at least I haven't read too many reports of keyboard failures on those. The fact is, keyboard construction materials aren't that expensive, so it *is* possible to produce a quality keyboard at a reasonable manufacturing cost.


The hardware (keyboard included) of the 15c LE has been used in 12cs since 2009 and at least I haven't read too many reports of keyboard failures on those.
Ok, but there are quite some reports about 15C LE failures. I don't know the exact bad/good ratio, but it seems larger than 1% (from observations about delivery reports). They may have changed something for the LE/AE calculators.

Yes it is! I have two 15C LEs myself.

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