Sampson Cable HP-15C Arrived Today


My wife called me at work and said some package had arrived, saying something about a calculator.

So I say, yea, it's a new calculator.

"Do you really need a new calculator?" she says.

"Um, well, actually, no, not really. But it's a really great calculator..."

At any rate, the one I pre-ordered from SC arrived. I have to say, the box really is quite nice. The manual is nice, but not color.

And the calculator looks very good. No rattling. ;) #02631 The orange/blue keys even look better than I expected.

Thanks HP.

When can I get a HP-42S LE?


ummm, I was wondering if it is the same situation with Katie:

KW: yea, it's a new calculator.

Spouse: "Do you really need a new calculator?"

KW: "Um, well, actually, no, not really. But it's a really great calculator..."


hpnut in Malaysia


My wife will just say, "Marcus, you need a new shelf!".


I've been talking about this for the last month since I pre-ordered from SC. When it arrived yesterday (number 2627) I showed it off to my 17 year old daughter. She said "Is this like some old-person calculator? It's lame". I told her that she just didn't understand :)

I want to say thank you to HP and to those that made this happen. It is beautiful, solid and feels like an HP. I was tempted to put it back in the box and never touch it. Maybe I should buy another?

Mike M.

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