Re: HP 15C LE at price skyrockets!


WOW! The $89.99 that I paid for my two HP-15cLE's from now looks pretty good! Hmmmmm, if list one on TAS today and sell it for +$200, then when HP finally opens up their inventory, I can buy two more!


My ethics prevent me from price gouging and the $199.99 price is neither fair or reasonable. I'm hopeful that HP will flood the market with new HP-15cLE's and that everyone can enjoy this wonderful tool at a fair price.


If I recall correctly, there were two sources listed on that page. One was from and another by Samson Enterprise. The listing from Samson was $199 as of last Sunday, when I picked listing and placed an order for $89. Now the link to is gone. It appears they sold out their allocation of the units.

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