15c LE Now listed at $199.99 on Buy.com


Buy.com must be out of stock. The price gouging begins...



Buy ended their TAS listing too. I was waiting until I got paid this week to buy one. Now I am too late.


For now, HP still lists it for $99.99 US with "coming soon". The stock is surely sloooooow coming!!!


Only 10K units. I think HP has a hit on their hands.


They probably also saw the misrepresented one with a bid over 200 dollars and said "why not?". After all the market will adjust itself accordingly. As for those who have not jumped there's still hope for the HP website. For all those who do wait consider this.....right now there will be 10,000 released.......to be divided among six billion people. Not very good odds. lol


Properly identified 15C LE for US$220.00 on TAS


This is exactly what worried some of us on this forum. Speculators grabbing a large number of units and then selling them for a very large profit!

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This is exactly what worried some of us on this. Speculators grabbing a large number of units and then selling them for a very large profit!

It's a shame. But if people are paying those prices, it's a strong indication HP has a hit. On the other hand, it's also possible speculators bought large numbers from buy.com or other retailers. In either case, I've got that item on my watch list. Whether it sells or not should be enlightening.


Samson Cables still lists for $99.99 at the time of writing this post. Samson Cables 15C LE


Samson Cables is now temporarily sold out with more stock coming apparently.


One would think that if they sell out in under a month HP might consider turning this into a regular non-limited edition model?




Hpcalc.org has them in stock, I just ordered two today (one for my dad's birthday.) I may get a spare, but I'm in decent shape for work calculators. At the moment I'm using my 48gx and 42s. I scored a mint condition 42s through craigslist a few months ago with case and manual. The owner hadn't used it since college, was shocked that I knew how it worked, and sold it to me for $20! It's the only calculator I have a true backup for.


And they said that the calculator is "Ships from and sold by Samson
Innovations ". Is the same Samson Cables?



Samson Innovations has the same physical address as Samson Cables so I think they are the same.

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