HP-65 clear body!!


There is an HP-97 with the transparent body like this?

HP-65 Clear Body !!!!


Two grand?? I'd rather leave the inner workings to my imagination!


Yes, there is (HP-97). Except with top AND bottom.


Yes, there is (HP-97). Except with top AND bottom.

In the final (Aug, 1983) issue of HP Key Notes (Vol. 8 No. 2) on the cover is a photo of Key Notes editor Henry Horn with part of his HP collection and front and center is his clear HP-97. Back in 1981 after the HP Calc conference in Corvallis had wrapped up, Richard Nelson and I visited Henry at his house there, and one of the things he did was pull out all his clear machines to show off. That was impressive.



It would be more desirable if the top half of the case were clear, too.

I have a one of a kind blue (think blue shift key) HP-41 case. The entire case. I've never used it but am considering transplanting my 41CX into it when the 41CL arrives.

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