HP12C 30th Anniversary


Well my 12C 30th anniversary edition arrived yesterday - very impressed with the quality and packaging! I've included it in my 12C set which is now complete: 12C-Link

Now i'm waiting for my 2 15C's to arrive ;)

Cheers, Keith



Would you compare the build quality of the 12c 30th with the 12c Platinum (the newest black one).



Hi Martin, the build quality is very similar. I prefer the keys in the 30th anniversary model - they have a similar feel, but the Platinum keys seem a little more 'plastic' - very hard to distinguish (maybe it's just the colour). The 12C 30th should be the faster ARM processor. I also prefer the 'traditional' 12C logo on the 30th model. I still prefer the more rounded edges of the original 80's 12C.

Just added a couple of extra photos of comparison in the set HERE

Cheers, Keith

Edited: 15 Sept 2011, 7:34 p.m.

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