Some 15c files from HHC 2010


This was a reference document containing goodies for the 15c as well as some speed reports:

15c reference

This was the 15c example I gave at HHC 2010. The crazy program problem was entirely my warped idea. :-)

15c Example PDF


This is going to be good reading. Thanks, Gene.


Well, very little of the 15c reference file is original!

I simply went through as much of the PPC Journal and Datafile as possible and pulled out articles, programs, etc. related to the 15c.

The quick reference guide was very nice and came from an online source.

I did get a laugh with my example integral in the second file, which was entirely original. :-)


As I said before, this document is priceless. Great editorial selection, Gene!


Gene, these links don´t work for me. Download interupts after 1 sec.


Both just worked fine for me. I'm using Dropbox and some companies / firewalls might not like it.


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