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This is my first 15c, ever. I never even heard of it until ~15 years ago when I saw one of my professors using it. I was so intrigued that I bought the 32sii, got hooked on RPN, and got the 33s, 35s, 2 49g+ (one given to a friend), 50g, 28s, and a couple of slide rules. Back in college, all I know of calculators are casios and tis. But ever since that fateful day with my prof, I've always wanted a 15c. And it's finally here!

So, pardon my ignorance for asking this question. I haven't finished going through the manual yet, but the old timers here might know.

On the 15c, the f and g show an indication that you've pressed it. but the fix, sci, eng does not? is this right? So how do you know that you've pressed it (the FIX, SCI, ENG)? or perhaps accidentally pressed it? Perhaps it only takes getting used to. I'm just so used to my 32sii.

Thanks all!


Yes, that is correct. The annunciators show up on about page 60 of the manual.


thanks gene!

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