SOS- Did Not Succeed in Flashing 30b!


I was able to get as far as the steps on the cable with the ERASE and RESET buttons.

Then I opened the SAM-BA software and I'm told there is a fatal error- No Valid Processor ID Found. I chose the board type recommended in the "Upgrading a 20b HP Calculator - Version 9-16-2009" instructions.

And now the 30b is blank.

Um... also, where do I get the "20b Flash Kit"? There appears to be some more files in that which I may not have.

I would appreciate ANY assistance!


Try again. Many times simply starting over fixes this No Processor ID found.

Also, make sure you do not start SAMBA at all until AFTER you have done all the RESET or ERASE stuff.

Try it again. have **never** had a 20b / 30b become bricked.


Hi Ed,

Please take the newest version of the manual (from here). Go to page 88. Do what you read there. It should work - else tell me.

Personally, I've thought I bricked my 20b twice - but it resurrected even after many days as soon as the procedure was done properly.




Don't let the batteries for any length of time in a calculator running the SAM-BA boot software, they will almost certainly be flat when you try again!


Can I simply take the batteries out during flashing to prevent drainage or does this mean one has to keep the procedure as short as possible?


Full batteries are needed for flashing. It's just a bad idea to let the calculator sit there in SAM-BA mode while you are shopping for a USB/serial adapter.

Keep the procedure as short as possible!


Thanks for the info.


if one clips the wire carrying the 3v from the calculator to the level converter, and powers the level converter from an external pair of AA cells, does this improve the power drain situation for the calculator's internal batteries?

alternatively, pop out the internal batteries and wire said AA cells to the level converter without cutting the feed going back into the calculator.


This will work and is a good idea if you are flashing on a regular basis. During the flash process, RAM will be cleared anyway so removing the coin cells doesn't lose any information.

If you want to use the cable for the transfer of data between the calc and the PC, you most probably do not want to lose memory contents. One option is to remove the batteries attached to the cable. Another way is to make a backup (ON+STO) on the calc before you remove the coin cells and connect the powered cable. The restore on power on is automatic.


Thank you Gene, Walter, and Marcus; thank you very much.

At least now my sense of panic is gone! ;)

Now, I did try again last night, but I will give it another shot tonight. And, yes, I'll download the updated manual. Of course, I won't give up and will keep you guys here posted.


And you tried with new batteries (or a reliable supply as per suggestions)? (Sorry, just checking, sometimes the most obvious is overlooked ;-)


I don't believe the SAM-BA software was running very long, but I did try to run it a few times. After many seconds each time, an error message appeared and when I clicked "OK", it appeared that the program shut down each time. But it's a trivial matter to take a meter to the batteries, although paying for new ones in another matter... ;P


SAM-BA on the PC does not find the SAM-BA boot loader in your calc. Most probably the batteries are already flat. Once erased, there is no way to turn the calculator off except by removing the batteries. If you did not do that, they are drained because the boot loader in your device eats them quickly and you don't see it. :-(


That's a very annoying (and expensive) feature of said boot loader :-(



... it sounds like new battery time...


Also, do not be fooled by un-loaded (open circuit) voltage of the batteries. Even for half full coin cells the voltage can drop quickly at high current drains. See this thread for a discussion on the problem.

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