Thank you HP!!!


I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to HP and folks like Cyrille and Tim (and others that I have not mentioned) for doing a very good job. I am looking at the boxes of the HP-15C LE and the HP-12C 20th Anniversary and I must say that there was a lot of care in putting the calculators in these very nice packages!

I also want to thank the forum folks who campaigned to bring the HP-15C back. I never believed that I will see this day and often thought that they were wasting their time. This is your moment to celebrate and I applaud your perseverance and patience. HP heard you, responded, and now we are all enjoying the new toys and at very reasonable prices!!!

This is a day where the community of HP calculator users can celebrate. We hope whatever the future brings to the PSG division, that they will continue to serve us with their fine products (PC, calculators, and other accessories). Yes technology evolves and makes certain items obsolete. It is part of our civilization. We have always enjoyed HP products and will continue to do so whether these products are under the HP logo or some other logo.


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I wholly support Namir.

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I fullheartedly concur! And when the champaign is dumped and the lost sleep is found again, please proceed :-)

Walter (employing your calculators all the time since 1977)


Varying an old San Francisco saying: "Please proceed to the center of the holy grayl and away from the doors!" :-)


I second that! I've always wanted a 15C, could not afford one in the 80's (I spent all the spare cash I ever had in the 80' on the 28S), and I waited for this day to come, thinking it never would. But here we are, enjoying the heck out of our 15C LE's! My hats off to everyone at HP who were able to make this reissue possible, thereby releasing us from the torture of looking at ridiculous prices for the original 15C on TAS. There is one other calculator I can think of that would be a great reissue but this thread is not the place for looking a gift horse in the mouth .. So Thank you HP!!!


You've got my ditto on that! Thanks again you guys!


Thank you, HP. And a special thanks to Sam Kim, if he's reading..

This was posted here on Sept 1, 2011, by TW:

"It (15C re-release) existed in one form or another for a couple of years now. Sam Kim, former R&D manager, was the one who pushed to get the first batch made when the first set of 12c+ units was made. Cyrille did the excellent work on the emulator and original 12c+ code."

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Not only do I agree with Namir and wholeheartedly thank the folks that brought the HP-15C LE into existence, I would also like to thank Tim for all the help he has offered me in the last year or so since I returned to this forum after a long absence.

Thank you Tim! Thank you all!




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HP, Thank you for making a nice calculator!


Thanks to all the people who made the effort to get the 15c back on the market. :)


They havn't arrived in Europe yet - but I will be getting one.

Good job guys


Echoing your comments of thanks to HP, Namir and others.

I'm also thankful to HP for selling a calculator in a box. It was nice not to have to dig up a laser scalpel to open a hermetically sealed plastic container. Less blood-letting.


I echo Namir's comments: thank you HP! :)

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