Tim, Help! 15C LE emulator activation not working



Help! I went ahead and tried to activate my emulator and it keeps returning "The license data is invalid".

I tried the serial number that is taped to the front of the CD and retyped / re-verified it several times. I keep getting the same response.




Click the "offline" button. If it complains at you when clicking that, your number may be typed in incorrectly, or else they gave you a bum number. Please email me the name below as typed, added onto @hp.com and i can take a look.



Hi Tim,

I was able to activate over the web. Just FYI I am using Win 7 Pro and it simply would not activate directly but when I chose the offline option it worked fine.




My guess is it was a firewall thing. That happens fairly frequently over school networks too.



Will this 15C emulator also be available separately, i.e. without having to buy the real calculator?

There's a "HP Calculator Emulator program" where almost every HP calc is emulated (I have a few of them), but I don't see the HP15C on these sites. :-(



Will this 15C emulator also be available separately, i.e. without having to buy the real calculator?

Good Question.

I'm not interested in actually owning the 15C - I've had several over the years and really didn't use them.

But I would be interested in the emulator. I could then participate in any of the discussions that come up and try the programs out. I don't really see where making the emulator available would impact the sales of actual units.



I'm happy using Nonpareil.




Hi Thomas,

Well, Nonpareil no longer includes the Voyager support. And there's no executable for windows. So, no go there.

I did find a pretty nice HP-15C simulator that looks good.

But it would be nice to have the official HP emulator.



which simulator?

rob :-)


Followig is link to the HP-15C simulator:

HP-15C Simulator

Note: Some key features of the 15C are not included - ie, Matrix operations.



Find an older version of Nonpareil and the Voyager support will still be there -- nothing disappears on the Internet -- ever. Porting it forwards looked pretty easy, otherwise just compile the older code.

- Pauli


Hi Tim,

That could be, I'll have to look into it.




Just a thought, might it be case sensitive ? I had capslock on when I entered mine.


Hi Michael,

I tried it both ways though that was a desperation effort since it automatically capitalizes for you.

I think Tim might be right, something wrong in my firewall setup either at the Windows 7 level or at the router level (more likely in Win 7).




I've also got Win 7 and UAC set to level 4 (highest). It did stop to ask me 2 or 3 times for permission, and even ran a virus scan on something at one point, but did work on my machine. Anyways, sorry you had problems and hopefully you'll figure it out.

BTW, I found out that the Advanced Functions Handbook can be accessed from the menu on the emulator. It looks like it's a pdf scan of the original one.


.. I found out that the Advanced Functions Handbook can be accessed from the menu on the emulator.

That is cool!


Hi Michael,

I eventually went the "offline" activation route. Use the same serial number but copy a text field that is provided, drop the text field in the web page accessed by the link also provided, and finally take the response provided by the web page and drop it back in the response pane of the calculator's validation screen.

The fact that worked shows that the serial is correct and that the problem lies somewhere in the way my Win 7 box is trying to activate over the net. It appeared to be going out to the server and then returned with the message that the serial number data was invalid. I never received any UAC prompts, it just quietly failed.

Thanks for the suggestions though.



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