HP-15C LE box specs for SC please!


Hi! I had contact with SC lately. SC wants to generate labes for international orders in advance in order to accelerate shipping. For this, SC needs the box specs. Who can help Chris of SC (support@samsoncables.com)?

Here is Chris' original message:

[...] I have been waiting on generating labels for
international orders to verify the actual length,
width, height, and weight of the calculator
box. If you have those specs it will help me
out. I don't trust the ones that were given to
me b/c they were wrong on the 12C 30th and I
don't want to generate all the labels incorrectly.

Regards, J├╝rgen


Tell Carl, it's 8.75 by 6.5 by 2.75 inches, 1 lb 11.2 ozs. Too large for anything smaller than a USPS medium flat rate box.


Just don't do what buy.com did and throw it in a plastic envelope.


I'm surprised to hear people got theirs in an envelope. Mine came i a cardboard box. Must have been shift change and next person got told to quit wasting cardboard and use a padded envelope.


I actually had two orders with them. The single unit arrived today in a plastic envelop. The second order gets here tomorrow. Since there are two units in the second order I am hoping for a box.



Yeah, I hate it when people ship things that way. I always use an oversize box with bubble wrap. I once got a Sinclair calc from the UK and the idiot shipped it in its original box, which got badly crushed in transit. It was in mint condition per the photos in the auction, and for the cost of shipping it could have been packaged properly. I gave the seller negative feedback.

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