15C LE expanded a bit on SOLVE & INTEGRATE?


If I am not mistaken, the HP-15C LE has expanded on the labels you can use with SOLVE and INTEGRATE. If I remember correctly, these commands worked with code appearing only after LBL 0 and LBL 1. I have used code after LBL A with both SOLVE and INTEGRATE in the HP-15C LE and it works!!!

The HP-15C LE manuals speaks of needing to take a break while the Integrate command is working. Not anymore with the speed of the LE version. Manual needs to edit that part and any other part that hints at the slow speed of the original 15C.


Edited: 12 Sept 2011, 3:46 p.m.


I think the HP-34C had those label limitations, not the HP-15C.



I checked the 15C emulators i have on my iPhone and labels A did not work!


I've just checked Integrate on my 2905B29505 15C. 'A' does work!


You are right!!!




Edited: 12 Sept 2011, 3:51 p.m.


Does SOLVE still consume 23 registers during execution in HP-15C LE?


Why should that have changed? The software is essentially the same.

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