HP 32 sii on ebay -- said "old model"


Jusr noticed an HP 32sii on ebay (#1363266157), the seller said "old model". But looking at the keys, I bet it is 1997 or later model, most likely already made in Indonesia. It is not so old I guess.



I think the seller believes that "old" colors = "old" calculator.

I'm not the most knowledgeable on the 32Sii's, but were they not made here in the US starting in 1991? These would have had the same gold/blue shift keys but with double shot molded keytops. I know my "old" colors 32Sii made in 1999 in Indonesia has printed keytops.

When in doubt, ask for the serial number, if you dare. See what I mean here (just the first message):



I had an early version of 32sii before I lost it when I was in a construction work (Aaaargh!!). I think 32sii calcs were made in Singapore or Malaysia since 1991, and in 1997 HP moved the manufacturing to Indonesia. I remember very well the early model has unique 'y' letter in the y^x key.



Just from a durability and or collectability standpoint, I would be interested to know if the early 32Sii's had double molded keytops. Perhaps all the 32Sii models have printed keys as part of the shift to the "ii" model. My original 32S made in Indonesia in 1989 has double shot keys and my 32Sii from Indonesia 1999 has printed keys.

Just curious.


How can you tell the difference in double shot keys and printed keys. I have a 41cv serial# 2237s, two old color 32sII, and a fairly new 12c? The only difference I can see is that on the 41cv they seem to have a shinny appearence. Is there any way to tell?

Thank you


I use a 5X jewelers loupe. You can see on the double shot keys a faint line around the white of the keys legend insert. I believe this is due to the white insert being colder when the brown flows in around it.

On newer machines with double shot keys you can see faint horizontal lines that look like very small uniform scratches in the keytop. They will reflect light and appear shiny. I suspect this is from the de-flashing process of the molding operation. My new 42S service replacement has this "feature". I have not seen this on older, non Indonesia calculators (Singapore). Some folks had speculated here that the newer 42S machines had printed keys, and therefore not as desirable as older units, but it's not the case. Perhaps this is where the OLD vs. NEW thing has started?

The printed keytops usually have matte finish which I think is applied after the printing operation. You should be able to see some ragged edges of white where the ink bleeds on the non-porous keytop. There seems to be a difference in printing quality as well, with the 10,20 and 30 Pioneer series machines being just okay and the 48's being a bit better. Probably due to different production lines.


My first HP calculator, the 1993 32sii has the same keys as my current 32S. It was made either in Singapore or Malaysia.



I have two "old colors" 32sii's; serial # 3343S84806 with double-shot keys, and a newer one with painted keys, (I don't know the serial # of the latter -- its back has apparently been switched with that of some other Pioneer I took apart 'way back when.)

The injected keys have much larger, more readable legends than do the painted ones.


Thanks Paul!

I've been wondering if the 32Sii was ever made with non-printed keytops. I assume the 1993 model was made in Singapore?

Does anyone know when this product was moved to Indonesia and went low budget? With the Corvallis to ACO move?


Take a look at http://www.area48.com/history.html
It says Dec 97 HP started production in Indonesia.



I have a 32sII with the serial number ID71802229 incicating it was made in indonesia in the 18th week of 1997. So they must have started earlier than December.


I was just going to ask this question. The calc. is mine.

BTW, when I said "old model" I meant the old color style not the chronological age. I thought I made that clear but guess not.

However, I have many of these and I just grabbed one at random. This is the only one with the "=" key. Someone asked me about this.

My other ones are a combination of Singapore, Malasia and Indonesia. This is the only one with this key. Seems odd that it would have an = key.

Anyway, I think I will pull the add simply because of the "=" key thing and the fact that since this is one of the newer old style, it does not have the quality of the "real" old style. Since it is the only one with an = key, I think I'll just keep it for myself.



Mike, the "=" key is even more strange to me. RPN calcs such as HP-32sII does not have "=" key. Probably you're talking about HP-20s?



Wow, I just looked at the photos and dang! you've got yourself the calculator equivalent of the upside down airplane postage stamp! What I think happened there was a 20S keyboard was used, but they forgot to reprint the "=" key with "R/S". I suspect that if you look closely at the "ENTER" key, you may see black/brown paint covering the original logo of "INPUT" that has been overprinted.


Why is HP so sloppy on this thing? Poor Mike he will not be able to sell the calcs unless he replaces the '=' key with 'R/S' key.



This is definitely not a 20s.

This is simply a misprint by HP. I have had people alread contact me about buying it for more than it was selling for on eBay.

However, I am keeping this for now. At least until I can get some more information on this.

The interesting thing is that this does not even look like a repainted 20s keyboard. I have inspected very carefully the other keys and they don't look like they have been painted over.

It just looks like a misprint. I wonder how common that is?


I don't think it has been repainted. I have looked very closely at the Enter key, Roll down, sin, cos, tan, +/-, etc and don't see that any keys have been repainted.

It just looks like a mistake.

I'm going to put this under a magnifying glass or loupe to see if I can see. I can easily see repainted keys on some of the 15cs but this one I can't see any repainting. It may be that it's much harder to detect.



Mike, I didn't mean to imply that the unit was a 20S. All keyboards on the Pioneer series have the same physical layout. Only the legends are different. There are five keys that are different between a 20S and a 32Sii.

On a 20s, third row down:

INPUT +/- ( ) <-

On a 32Sii they are:

ENTER X<>Y +/- E <-

For a difference of 4 keys. And then of course the "=" key on your curiosity that should be an R/S key. Since I would think all keys would be printed in one operation, those five should be blacked out and over-printed with the correct legend, if it had started life as a 20S cover.


I realize the keyboards are the same matrix and only some are different. That's why I said I checked those other keys and found that they were not overpainted.

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